Life can be a fairy tale… and more..


If people believed more in fairy tales instead of just listening to their husbands and parents – who think everything is impossible – they would be experiencing what she’s experiencing now, being driven along in one of the innumerable limousines that are slowly but surely heading for the steps and the red carpet – the biggest catwalk in the world.

Paulo Coelho – The winner stands alone

That is the power of dreams, the magic that sparks from the eyes of *some* people who we call *ambitious* and who do know more than anyone else that they are destined for glory.

Sometimes dreams do sound big and distanced, and sometimes life’s hardships cloud our paths, but then again, we do always hear about real fairy tales for ordinary people who dreamt, believed, and achieved.

So why can’t we -all- be Cindrellas and float in our own dreams? Life can be a fairy tale… and more..


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