Policemen in Jordan beating a helpless man: This is NOT acceptable

Update: I got this on Twitter:

silentempire @TheArabObserver this was in 2007, according to this post http://www.jordanzad.com/jordan/news/117/ARTICLE/22579/2009-09-04.html

The article says that the spokesman of the Public Security Department Major Mohammad Khatib pointed out that this video is an old one and has been taken on 2007 in an incident where the man being beaten up has provoked the policemen in the video! And that the security department makes sure to monitor policemen so not to break the law.

I, personally, don’t think this is enough. I want names of those policemen to be published and for us to know how they were punished exactly, and what measurment has the security department take in order to prevent such events to occur again.

I really can’t believe that this happened in Jordan! Policemen CANT be allowed to act this way. Those bunch of policemen should be punished for what they did.

Move this forward and raise your voice so that authorities take actions in this matter.


  1. Such a treatment is truely brutal and shouldn't be used by the police.

    Yet, this shouldn't defer us that bad people deserve a punishment, this thug will never hold himself to do the same actions to inocent people

    Justice must be applied but without using same method used by criminals.

    But my question, if a thug attacked or stole your family will you stand still and ask him politely to surrender?

    As for me, I believe I will make his life a hell if attacked or hurt my family.


  2. Completely unacceptable and disgusting!
    They should have just handcuffed the guy and arrested him, instead of this atrocious treatment.

    It doesn't matter what this guy has done, he's still a human being and deserves to be treated like a human being. If he's guilty, the law should prevail.

    Imagine the negative message these “thugs in uniform” are sending…

    Sadly, this sort of police brutality is not limited to Jordan, it happens everywhere


  3. وأوضح الناطق الإعلامي أن الاستفزاز الواقع من هذا الشخص دفع رجال السير إلى سلوك غير مقبول في استخدام القوة كان نتيجته محاسبتهم وتجريمهم وفق أحكام قانون الأمن العام فيما أودع الشخص المشبوه عن جرم السرقة إلى القضاء المختص في حينه


  4. The issue is people are unaware of their rights, the people share the responsibility of knowing their rights for them to ensure its being excersized, but no; we like to feel the squeeze of an unquestioned authority figure in a uniform.

    The problem starts from the people not the PSD and its personnel. The PSD have from within it the jurisdictions to prosecute such incidents and a complete independent department that audits and supervise the behavior and performance of their personnel.

    I'm not siding, but this old video is not the hallmark of police behavior in Jordan, and definitely the people are way too ignorant of the laws that protect them willingly…


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