Jordan with no death sentence?

There seems to be some efforts towards abolishing death sentence in Jordan. A small news was published today in al ra’ee newspaper about a session held about the matter between human rights activites, some officials and law people. In addition to that, there has been a reportage on Al Arabieh news channel tonight about the state of prisons in Jordan and death sentence.

In the reportage they mentioned that among the 8000 prisoner in Jordan, there is only around 250 woman. They then focused on women prisoners and interviewed some who are sentenced to death along with a femal offical from the prison who highlighted that most women who are charged of murder, have murdered their own husbands. One of the prisoners said that she stabbed her husband out of rage because he used to torture her. I felt that this is somehow a way to draw people’s compassion towards such cases, and as the news host said: this matter is left in the hands of the government and the parliament.

I am personally against death sentence, no matter how horrible of an act one have done. It is a violation of the rights of human to live. Let’s hope that these efforts are going in the right direction.


  1. “It is a violation of the rights of human to live.”

    if one person disregarded the right of others to live, what right does s/he have to continue living. Are we promoting the law of the jungle here.


  2. If the women killing their husbands happened in this country, which it obviously does, I would feel that they deserved their punishment because they could always leave. I don't know how things are in Jordan, but I know that in some ME countries women don't always have that option.

    Usually I agree with you in your posts, and I do for the most part in this one, but I do believe in the death penalty. I watch a lot of those true crime shows such as The First 48, Cold Case Files, etc., and some of the crimes that people commit are so horrible that they don't deserve to live among civilized people. The most horrible thing I ever heard on one of those shows was about a teenage girl who was pregnant and hid it from everyone, including the baby's father. She gave birth in her basement, then went upstairs to get a knife and stabbed her newborn baby 130+ times and threw it in the trash like it was a piece of garbage.


  3. The point of punishing someone is to deprive them from their right to some freedoms other people have, like the right to be free, to receive education, to get great food but still respecting them as human beings.

    I'm against the death penalty because innocent people will continue to be executed, that happened in the past and will continue to happen. If they're sentenced to life in jail there's always a chance innocent people will be set free.


  4. I am totally with this step, it would be great if Jordan applies such thing, maybe then Jordan can join the European Union 🙂

    On the other hand, it is just worse (from my point of view) to sentence someone to lifetime jail than to death. and some people get very cruel that only a lifetime inside the cage is fair for them.


  5. mab3oos, ofcourse not. Crimes don't come from no where, there are always special situations that leads to a crime or another. Whether it is insanity, mental disability, lack of judgement, inner need, or even a circumstances driven crime, cirminals can always be looked at to be victims on their own way. What we should do is to protect all citizens from those who inflict harm on them. The main thing here is protecting others rather than punishing criminals. That is why prisons are more of a rehabilitation centers these days rathe than torture cells.

    Tina, I am sure that the girl you have mentioned wasn't in a stable state of mind when she did her crime. It is really horrible what she did, but people in normal situations don't do this.

    hareega, that is another side to it, I mean the death penalty for innocent people. But even if there are no innocent people being sentences to death, I am still against it.

    MD, I totally agree with you. Liftime sentence is so hard.


  6. I'm against the death penalty because innocent people are put to death, I am especially against it in a country such as Jordan where honor killings against women happen frequently, and in a lot of cases minors commit the act because family members know that a minor will serve a much shorter sentence and then is out free. Somehow this needs to change. You may ask what does this have to do with the death penalty, well it is not so easy in a lot of cases for a woman to leave an abusive marriage and in a lot of instances a woman is married in an arranged marriage in which she has no choice. On top of it all if she leaves often times the family will kill her. Imagine that she is in an abusive marriage the family basically tells her she can't get a divorce her husband beats her and rapes her there are no shelters for battered women and she lives in a society where women are looked at as property and have few rights. She finally has enough and fears for her life so she kills her husband. Now why should she be put to death because she lives in a society that cultivates this kind of behavior against women. If she stays she is beaten every day if she leaves the family kills her, if she kills her husband she is killed. Where is the justice in that?


  7. Also where is the justice for the innocent people who were framed or in the wrong place at the wrong time or falsely accused in a crime. If it was your father mother brother etc in that jail cell sentenced to death would you still feel the same way? It could happen to any of us or our family members!


  8. I suppose you are right. The thing is that you seem like a nice person who only sees the good in people. I, obviously, have become a bit too jaded and have very little tolerance for other people's crimes or whatnot. Another good post by the way. It's getting people talking which is always a good thing.


  9. San Antonio Cicily, people usually put themselves in the other side shoes. I mean they say wouldn't you want the killer of your loved one dead? That is a hard situation, it takes a lot of strength to forgive and let it go, something that you can't ask or expect from everybody.

    Tina, thank you, I am glad that you can see my point here. Yes, I can see good in people, but I also people firmly that there are reasons that lead to any action to happen.


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