Jordanian bloggers and Twitter

I have been using Twitter for sometime now and it is growing on me, especially that I barely have time to write full posts recently. I haven noticed some Jordanian bloggers with accounts on twitter but only few are partially active. Twitter has been a great tool for me to connect with many other arabian bloggers and social activites. They are also many Jordanians who even enjoy microblogging and are active on twitter without having a blog for their own.

Twitter is a great tool for us to share information and communicate with each other. I list the Jordanian bloggers whom I found their twitter accounts below:

@tarawnah @tololy, @RobaAssi @ramiar @mab3oos @jadmadi @humeid @razano @maliksoft @moeys @journalistoula @Qwaider @alidahmash @styloholic @7akifadi @lina18 @shagfeh @Farah654 @za3tar @sabbah

and I hope to see them more active, and to see some others joining in. In specific, I hope to see: Kinzi, Hareega, Devil’s mind, Batir and Bam Bam

Please let me know if I have missed anyone, or point me to other Jordanian bloggers on Twitter to follow.


  1. I have a account but i'm not active because i can't use it through my mobile!, You have to be logged in the website the whole time, Ill try to be more active though.


  2. dude! you should get some english translations for these arabic blogs….seem interesting but can't read speak or write arabic! 😉


  3. Shukaraan, Observer. I said I was going to skip twitter and jump into it's replacement technology, but I may be dragged into it. 🙂

    Hey, your name came up at the meeting a bunch of us had to end dishonor killings. The blog! Time to get moving again, I'll email you.


  4. Mayyasi, sorry that I have missed you. I already follow you on twitter :). Good that you showed up and mentioned your account here.

    alialhasani, but you don't have to twitter all the time :). Twitter when you blog :). What is your twitter id?

    Anon, I am sorry about that. I am not sure how google translate would help. Have you tried it?

    Kinzi, you can't dismiss Twitter anymore. Everyone seem to be there now. Although most still unaccustomed to it, it will grow under their skins in no time.

    Yes please, let me know what happened. I am sure want to be part of it.


  5. and guys, if you find any of my posts interesting enough, you can retweet it through the Retweet this button at the top right side of each post. I do really recommend each one of you to add it to your blogs.

    I always copy your URLs into a shoterning URL service in order to be able to forward it on Twitter.

    Let me know if you need any help.

    To get the “Tweet this” button go to


  6. I am flattered that you mentioned me. I know I am not an active blogger now, and I am not sure when -if at all- I would get active again. However, I'll skip on this Twitter thing. I don't like micro-blogging, and I hate the idea behind Twitter. The question “What are you doing?” to me is the least important, the least relevant, and the least interesting. I don't feel the voyeuristic need to learn the details about the private life of people. On the other hand, sharing ideas and opinions and discussing them, which is what blogging is about, sounds more interesting to me.

    [OutOfTopic]I passed byyou “Licky Licious” store, but it was closed for maintenance. When is it going to open?[/OutOfTopic]


  7. DM, I hope you find time to be active again.

    Actually Twitter is much more than the question of “what are you doing”. It is more about easy share of information and news with like minded people. It is one thing when you find something you are looking for in Google, and totally another when people themselves recommend it to you.

    You ought to try it out. You will need time at first but then you ll get addicted to it 🙂


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