I am a happy man

Sometimes, in special moments, when I am in euphoric state of mind, I feel that I am so happy and that happiness can be a constant state of mind that can be carried along one’s entire life. Sometime, I wonder if being happy is a learning process where one, and with life experience, realizes what makes him happy and what eats from his happines, and as a result work on minimizing the effects of thing that makes him unhappy, and exposes himself more to things that make him happy.

Is it as simple as this? To know what to choose? Sometimes I believe that it is, but at other times, I let myself slip into the daily hectic activities of life, and end up losing focus and forgetting about the necessity of smart choices to keep up my level of happiness intact. I let stress in, I let my busy schedule tire me, and I let myself scatter my attention in different matters that are irrelevant.

I am the kind of person whose goal in life is to be happy and feel it spread among people around me. And yes, it is most imporant to me that many other things. Things that I keep on letting them messing up my priorities and focus.

Throughout my life, I have always managed to define myself as a happy man. I always knew that the question of: Are you have in your life? has a Yes answer to me. In the other hand, I have always wondered why some people around couldn’t give the same answer. Is it a gift? a biological inherited advantage? or a wisdom that I have acquired since childhood? or maybe it is just a choice, or maybe a projection of internal fears force me to believe that I am happy?

Is happiness a wise choice? a learning process? a genetic inherited attribute? a destined faith? or a piece of all of it?


  1. I think its about perspective and how you receive what life throws on you ,some people are ALWAYS sad and miserable, cuz there is always something to feel sad and miserable about , those sad people focus on that and take everything else for granted until they lose it,just then they remember how good it was and they become sad and miserable about it,happy people see half full glass of life all the time,appreciate all the little things and appreciate themselves and their achievements and everything around them.
    can one switch sides once he realizes that ? of course they can. it is a learning process and a matter of choice. genetic inherited ?not that much in my opinion ,destiny or fate you say ? no not for me ,there is no magical pre written stuff for you,you make your own destiny if you insist there is one.


  2. If you continue thinking about it like that you'll get depressed very easily. You should deal with happiness like sleep , don't think of it and it will come to you one way or another but if you think too much of it you wont get it.


  3. Being naturally happy is a beautiful thing. I've known people that always see the down side to something, even when things do go their way. I used to be that way, but then I started trying to find the good side to everything and I am much happier for it. Good for you.


  4. Naser, maybe it is just pure luck?! I mean that some people don't seem to be able to learn how to be happy! Is it that hard?

    Hareega, but some people don't think about it and they never realize it! I see your point, worrying too much about being happy would just make you simply worried and unhappy. At the same time, there should be some measurments that you can take in order to increase your level of happiness, no?

    Tina, good for you! That is a wise progress. I am glad that you feel much happier now. So happiness can be a learning process after all? 🙂


  5. Happiness is a choice that goes through a learning process which creates an environmental ingenetic attribute towards a destination you've already made a pact to get to when you first made that choice! – Been there- Done that – It all comes down to your brains. You can't deny the fact that culture and the familia background concerning the perspective onto life does not have the effect because it does – for the first 18 years of your life untill you start exploring other people, cultures and lifestyles in college, work and real life.

    It is a choice .. it's everyone's too!

    Thumbs up – I heard a lot about your blog – never read or contributed though!


  6. hell no ! luck ? what is luck ? like one might be cursed ? I myself changed so many things in myself along the years,it was real simple “i won't be such n such anymore” or “i'll be such n such from now on” it worked for me . never really depended on luck to make me anything or cause me anything n never blamed anything on luck,even when its out of my hands .
    see its all about perspective !


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