The maid, the magic and my friend

It is funny how you spend a lot of time with a person and suddenly get surprised about a way of thinking or a certain belief in his head. Yesterday, my mother’s friend travelled to the US and she left her Filipino maid at our house. The girl is nice, but I don’t feel comfortable of the way she looks at me. She keeps on giving me some eye contact with a blushed smile!

I think she is hitting on me! I told my friend at work, who in return decided to tell me the story of their Indonisian maid. According to him, she tried to pull magic on him, a magic that would make him fall in love with her! The details is a bit disgusting – don’t read it you are oversensitive -. What she intended to do, which is accoding to another indonisian girl, is to have a drop of blood from her premenstrual into his coffe. That is how she would cast a spell on him to fall in love with her! He said that this magic is common among Indonisians! Be careful guys! 😛

Are you kidding me? Do you believe in magic? That was my reaction! The more that I find myself detached from imaginary stuff, the more I project it on people around me, and the more I got surprised. Is there many people in the 21th century with all of the scientific advancements who still believe in magic?! I really want to know!

What was really laughable is that as much as I was surprised of knowing that this educated smart 26 years old man believe in magic, as much as he was surprised of me not believing in it! He was like “You are the only person on earth who doesn’t believe in magic”! Oh really? Am I?

To prove his point, he mentioned Moses and the Pharos. It is mentioned in the Quran he said. So that is where it came from? Now seriously, regardless of how religious a person is or not, how much one can really take from religion and still be on the same side at this point of time where nearly everything can be explained scientifically? Some people are smart enough to reason different teachings in their religion in a way or another and dismiss what doesn’t make sense.

Is magic still part of people’s today religious belief? That really makes me wonder!


  1. Magic is an art of distarction and misdirection. It’s not a matter of having supernatural powers that can not be explianed by science. I’m sure you’ve seen on TV and you tube “world famous magicians,” like Chris Angel for instance, explaining their tricks however incredible they may seem, in a very logical manner. They do not claim to have supernatural powers that defy the laws of science. They are just very crafty at what they do. So it’s no a matter of science vs. religion here.


  2. I personally don’t believe in magic either. I think that there is always a logical explanation for things that people tend to think of as happening by magic. As for things that happen in the Bible, maybe they really did happen. But things like that don’t happen today.

    As for the maid, I had to laugh. I do understand what you are going through. A guy that lives in my building has liked me for the longest time. His mother loves me, and my mom and grandma would love it if I dated him because he is Hispanic just like I am. It makes me uncomfortable too to be around him because you never want someone to think you are leading them on, so I know how you feel. He’s a nice guy but not my type. I prefer Arabs, and no I am not hitting on you now! 🙂 As long as you don’t encourage her in any way, and as long as she doesn’t do anything forward with you, then I don’t think that there’s any harm in letting her indulge her crush on you.


  3. I know this probably has nothing to do with what the post is about, but since I saw the word “maid” was among the labels, I thought I just say somethin coz I’ve been always disturbed by the way “maids” are perceived and treated in our countries .. I donno what this magic thing is all about, I have to say that I have a very dear Thai friend who also used to convince that in South Thailand ancient magic rituals and (or) dealing with spirits has been used even in political assassinations or revenges .. anyhow what I wanted also to point out is the way we perceive those often little girls or young ladies as “others” , people live with them .. trust them on their houses and kids yet rarely invite them to sit with them on the table, I think many rarely bother to ask these ladies about their countries and their families, friends , traditions or just make them feel like part of them family !

    I havent been to many Arab countries but I know I’ve seen that at my relatives houses, what once shocked me the most if my aunt asking her maid to sit on the floor whereas the coaches were free just because her daughters will be coming from work soon .. I was puzzled to see that, and I thought oh my god how behind are we and how can we claim to be open minded or civilized when we insist to practice this modern slavery which became a show off more than a need …

    and I am thinking how could ur colleague have known the maid did that anyhow??? and how much is that connected to this “other” image some people have, isnt wierd that ppl let them cook their food yet feel so disgusted by them ?!!!!


  4. People refer to it as black's mentioned in the Quran…it seperates a husband & wife…many people seek vengence through black magic specially when the person he/she loves is getting married to someone else….be careful from that maid


  5. I happened to see your blog while googling The Kite Runner. A good blog you have here. I’m laughing about the segue to your recent post. I wonder how exactly she looks at you. hahaha. (Succeeding comment is not related to the subject of the entry) I’m bent on believing that she’s just ‘curious’ and not necessarily hitting on you. Probably trying to be nice? Cultural nuances perhaps? Unless she makes some ‘advances’ I don’t think that there’s something to worry about. And i’m not saying this because I’m Filipino. By the way, it’s spelled Indonesian.

    Hmmm. I have to agree with Mira’s comment. Nice day ahead. I’ll try to drop by from time to time.


  6. I’m sure you didn’t find this very surprising after the “eating pork makes you cheat on your wife” story! I mean in a world where most of the inhabitants believe in some form of a personal GOD, it’s hardly surprising that people believe in magic.
    I heard it’s really popular in North African countries like Morocco and Libya. All you need to do is just Google “Magic” or “Witches” and see what you come up with, and I can remember seeing books about it in Prime here in Jordan.

    I disagree with Anonymous on this not being a question of religion vs. science, because that question has always been one of superstition vs. logic.


  7. hehehe! funny isn’t it! same here! about 1.5 years ago we got a new Indonesian maid!and she stayed for around 2 weeks only! I told my mom she was always gazing at me! She told me she is new, nothing to worry about! I have problems with the former one, she was the first to stay for full two years! Nothing personal, but I become reluctant to wearing short cloths or feel free when strangers are around (strangers exclude my parents and 2 bros and my little sis, my grandma is a stranger for me)!

    But two weeks later, my aunts maid told my aunt that this new maid of us had a crush on me, hehehe!

    Anyways about this magic thingy, in Moses story, the magic talked about was a trick rather than a true magic, they used mercury to make it look like a real snake!

    And btw, wanna know a funnier story?! This aunt of mine had a problem recently with a new maid, she claimed that she saw her at night half human and half jin x) holy! That was the stupidest thing I had ever heard! Not only that, but she once called my mom at the mid of night and told her that there was a jin lurking in her house (she was crying like a baby, although she had 4 daughters, two of them are more than 11 years old) so mom sent me to sleep over at her home! I had the best sleep ever there in here guest room, where she claimed that guy was lurking, and she was scared shitless to know that I want to sleep in the guest room! But I was just trying to show her that u are too childish to be true! =)


  8. Anon, I totally agree with you, unfortunatly not a lot of people believe otherwise!

    Tina, now I know that you are Hispanic :). yes, I sure don’t want her to think that I lead her on, but I also don’t feel comfortable with the way she keeps on following me around the house :S

    Mira, hey, welcome to my blog :), you are right in every single world. It is sad the way some people treat their maids in this region. I am totally against in house 24/7 maid.

    BJ, I really don’t believe in that 🙂

    James, yes Mira have a good point. You are welcome to this blog. I am glad you like the blog. Will be happy to hear from you fron time to time. Sorry for the typo 🙂

    Fawwwwwwwziiiiiii, hehehehe, well it was surprising, but not very surprising 😛

    kharabish, EXACTLY! thank you!

    Genki Dama, that was funny! I have to admit that I would be a little scared myself of doing so eventhough I don’t believe in jin! hehehee


  9. poor poor lady, she would do any thing to get married to this stinky guy, who brought to his home, stuck her in as room where even rates refused to share and willfully migrated to house next door, this indosei , or sirilanki sho agreed to pretend to make the washingingmachin it mattress. in couple of week she adjust her self to sleep folded tp three… and in a year, it hits her, that’s not half as bad, a least hear, water is clean food is tasty( i am assuming by this time she is cooking)… you stop there if she ( in her believes she has a way to get the man of the house, by all main, he should suffer, and drink all the disgusting things mentioned, he deserve for treating this lady as a SLAVE.

    in my house, we have a help. she worke certain ours aday,- we are not angels some times more- she hase her own Big ROOM, BATHROOM, AND SATELLITE TV, ahe can have her own m,mobile, and we call treat her like a member of the family… because she is…. i wouldn’t survive with out her…

    thank you all , luv


  10. “she left her Filipino maid at our house.”

    ” their Indonisian maid. According to him, she tried to pull magic on him, a magic that would make him fall in love with her! The details is a bit disgusting – don’t read it you are oversensitive -“
    what the fuck wrong with you man? women are called girls, imported slaves are called girls,and i bet you if she has blond
    hear and blue eyes, you would fall in love with her with no time, go get a fucking life man and be sencere to your self


  11. Oh more more thing ,your aunt does trust “filipino Girl” to leave her at her house?
    What the fuck?


  12. This has to do nothing with magic or anything of that sort,
    if that was the case then I would argue that every love story in Indonesia, the man would had to drink his female blood in order to fall in love with her, in the same token more blood = more love ?
    Your friend had to admit that he had something for that Indonesian woman, and the same thing goes for you if u had any relationship with her just admit the fact that u liked her or she liked you.
    This is really common in Saudi never thought Jordan had the same issue with maids as well, before magic there is love and attraction.


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