How on earth can we live togather?

The most recent science tells us that unless we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million, we will cause huge and irreversible damage to the earth.

I don’t know why, but I have always had dead ears when it came to environment issues. Either browsing online or reading an article in newspaper, I used to always skip-it when the title is merely close to the subject of environment or climate. I am not sure whether this a general problem in this part of the world where people don’t realize it as a real threat because they deal with other threats they percieve to be more important, or it is just me being unaware of it.

For me, things has changed in Alexandria, when Carl Mossfeldt from Tallberg foundation presented the damage we are inflicting on our environment and the threats that are heading to our way because of the effect of climate changes.

It was an eye opener for me. I have never really realized the dangers that climte change entails. I have heard about ice melting and the increase of sea levels, but thought that it is happening NOW! I have witnesses the Tsunami couple of years ago on news channels, but didn’t connect it with us damaging the environment. I have heard about the conflictn darfur, but didn’t realize that the main cause of it is drawft where people moved from a place to another ending up fighting over limited resources.

There are threats of environment changes all over the world, and all of us are interdependent. Jordan is one of the lowest countries in the world in term of water resources. Water conflicts is a major threat in this area.

I may not be the best person to talk about these issues, even after the presentation, my information are still very limited. I just want to share Tallberg foundation and with you. I wanted to do so yesterday in the Day of Earth but I didn’t have time for that.

350 is an initiative to help building a global movement to fight climate crisis. Read more on their website

One thing that I would like mention, it is the words of Queen Rania at Tallberg event ‘How on earth can we live togather’ in 2007, she mentioned how sad it is the we are breaking apart at the time we really need to work togather.

Tallberg is preparing a Rework the world event in Sweden next year. It is an open initiative to boost viable ventures that drive sustainability and create green jobs. People with idea and projects along those lines can apply to attend the event. Check out their website for more information


  1. Well, well, well! Actually this whole global warming is a cyclic thing that happens every while and then, all of what we have done in the last 100 years was accelerating it a bit!

    Indeed the Permo-Triassic extension (the largest extension ever that killed 90% of that time creatures) was due to a sudden increase in CO2 in the atmosphere, and so global warming is cyclic, because the earth has it own mechanisms for reducing CO2 and other green gases, but once this mechanism reaches a specific threshold it fails, and the results are disastrous (from our point of view) while for the earth itself, this is very natural, because cyclic extensions are also evident and since life popped up on earth till now there has been 4 mass extensions, and all the evidences states that we are in our 5th one! This is very normal for earth, like a snake changing her skin!

    Tsunamis has nothing to do with warming, tsunamis are related to a sudden release of energy and so it is related to volcanoes and earthquakes, elnino and elnina (the drought you are talking about) are due to many factors! and they become so tough when all of these factors peak up together! Some of these factors are the sunspot cycle, volcanoes in the oceans and volcanoes on land!

    The only problem humans are causing is accelerating the flywheel of this warming up and extension, which in the first place we can not slow, stop and not to mention reversing! This problem of accelerating will not give some of the animals that have a good chance of surviving the chance to adapt to the temperature, so instead of x% dying in the coming extension cycle, little more than x% will die! But it is bad in the first place! And we should try to fix what we have done! Which I think will not be much of an effect on the long run!

    Sorry for writing such a long comment, but when it is about science I can not hold back! =) And all of the written up is actually based on new studies from well renowned scholars in some of the best Universities world wide!


  2. Thanks for your post and I agree than people do not take Climate Change seriously because its effects are gradual and accumulative through generations. They are not as acute as water and air pollution which cause concern and attract attention.
    The historic cycles of Climate Change have not passed the atmospheric 350 threshold and what is dangerous now is that the future impacts will occure even if the emissions are stabilized now. For the best science on the subject of climate change (not pseudo-science funded by oil industry) check the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) website and publications.


  3. btw the threshold am talking about is not the same as Batir! I am talking about the threshold of ice in the deep oceans, which stores a lot of CO2 inside it! Just that u guys do not misunderstand


  4. Genki Dama, I am impressed of your information of this matter. Actually yes, they mentioned the cyclic transitions in the presentation. They also said that in the past 12000 (I think that was the number), lucky us, the climate has been stable. Now it seems that we are at the end of this stable phase and that is why we have to be careful because we are making things worse.

    Batir Wardam, thank you for the information and for carrying an envirmental blog. I will rely on you for better awarness on this subject.


  5. Hello Arab observer : )

    hope u are fine .. I want to point out or re-assure what the Queen Rania said

    and maybe instead of proving that climate change is a hoax or an endangering fact .. I don’t think being GREEN is bad .. or managing our resources for future generation/s would be in vain!!!

    happy that I’ve seen u in Alex


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