Stop Crimes Against Women

Following is the letter I sent to different Jordanian media outlets pleeding for them to take a stand againt honor cirmes.

In reference to the latest hate crime reported on Jordan times magazine for a young Jordanian woman who have been beated to death by her father, brother and her unclie for wearing makeup and designated as an “honour crime”, I would like
to call all of you to stand up to such barbarian inherited law that doesn’t fit with the modern and civilised stucture of Jordan’s face.

It is time for our local media, whether it is printed or online, to stand up to their responsibilities towards Jordanian citizens. It is time for you all to raise up your voices and lobby to abolish such retarded law. We awe it to ourselves, to our mothers, to our daughters and to our wives, we ought to provide them with
dignity, equality, and safety. No Jordanian woman should fear the prosecution of a male relative. No man should get away with murder under the name of honor.

Jordan is calling you to help cleaning her face from those
dishonored crimes. We won’t tolerate any other murder that we know is coming. We carry a huge shame for what happens in this country, and we ask you all to act, to stop this insanity.

Read the story here:

Best Regards,
The Observer


  1. It’s so bizarre how everyone is ignoring the King’s role in keeping Honor Killing laws on the books. He can end honor killing today if he wishes to. This is another fine example of the how the Monarchs go around the world speaking on behalf of Arab women then in their backyard they subvert Arab women. Then of course you have the hypocrisy of Americans like Kinzi. American males have killed, maimed and impoverished more Arab and Muslim women in Palestine and Iraq and in Somalia and Afghanistan between starving them and then bombing them millions of Arab women suffer mighty, tens of thousands were killed and they will never find justice. No greater crime has been committed against Arab women then those they continue to endure at the hands of White American males. In the old days, when foreign invaders attacked Arab women, their honor was a rallying cry for Arab men. Today, Arabs watch as Americans and Israelis ravish Arab women.


  2. Kinzi, thanks to you for forwarding that email to me :). You have done great job!Paris, yes it does! sadly 😦Samar, while the king may have the power to abolish such rule instantly, and which is something I would cheer for, there might be some policies that better kept that way in regard of the direct intereferring of the King in changing the country’s rules. Having said that, it shouldn’t take us off the hook. We, as Jordanian citizens, as responsible to work this issue out. We are responsible of electing those parliament representitives who opposed abolishing the rule. We need to act ourselves and raise our voices in order to have this matter taken care off.As for calling Kinzi a hypocrite for givng us her hand and helping in whatever she can do in protecting Jordanian woman from violence, that is absurd at least. In fact, I feel offended myself for such irrational claim of yours. Kinzi is a human being, she doesn’t carry the history of the American policy on her shoulders, and she is free to chose what matters to her. She has been an integral part in the Jordanian blogshpere and have been active in many social events for the benefit of the Jordanian community in Amman. She is one of us. We love her and admire her for the person she is. And no, I disagree with you, unfortuntly we have managed to hurt our women more than any other *white* man! I hate to use that term in this context, it is full of racism!


  3. I beg to differ. King makes law. King cancels law. We have no say in making or canceling a law, but we are held morally responsible for Jordan’s’ reputation. Who said living in a dictatorship is not fun. We get to have no say but we get to be responsible for it. Honor Killing is not a cultural problem. This is a strictly legal problem. In almost every country, crimes of passion or honor as they call them when Arabs commit them, claim the lives of women. The only difference is that in Jordan and some countries, the Dictator decides that the defending the lives of his women subject are not worth his leadership so women continue to suffer from his own laws.


  4. Samar, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read the things you write. Observer, thanks for the precious affirmation and inclusion in spite of my citizenship and the color of my skin. Did you see the wiki-doc that commenter Deena added to Roba’s post? SO many of the ideas we talked about, and more!


  5. Isn’t Queen Noor wearing make-up?I like what she says when she gets a word out in media. A pity that the men in her own country is not listening to her??


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