Tales of a beautiful life – Naming our homes

Why don’t we have the habit of naming our homes?

Naming something gives him a totally different perception. For a home named “Mr. Arab Observer home“, it feels way much different if you name it ‘The home of warmth“.

With naming, many other attributes are obliged to follow. We would have it at the back of our heads when doing the decorations and purchasing the furniture. You can imagine how “The home of warmth” can feel different than “The home of inspiration”, or “The home of promising future”, or “The artistic home”, …etc.

I haven’t picked a name for my future home yet, but I certainly would want it to reflect a sense of harmony, happiness, ambition and love. I would want to have a big sign printed with my home’s name on int. I would want people to feel what my home represents and enjoy their visit with me and my partner hospitality to the max.

Maybe something along the lines of “Happy moments”, “The future promise”, “Love’s embrace”, “Tales of a beautiful life”.

Those names make me feel like loving our homes. I would want to visit my different friend’s houses and experience their own taste of life. A new creativity would emerge in our homes and a sense of harmonial energy would cover our city.

Would people follow? One can light a candle, and wait for the light to emerge..


  1. True, a home has to be a personal place in order for it to be really home, and there is no better way to start than to give it a personal name.I also share a similar understanding, by giving something a name you create some sort of personal relationship with it.But for some reason, I actually like ”Mr. Arab Observer’s Home” a lot more than ”Home of inspirations” for example, because you feel the presence of personality in the name, although it is not as creative as Home of ”inspirations” for example.


  2. hahah 😀mine would قرية التوتor something of that kind 😀seriously now,I’d want my house in Jordan to have a number at 1st,then i’d think of the name


  3. I like the idea, but why “Tails of a beautiful life”? You mean the <>end of beautiful life<> or something? Because Tail = you know, TAIL of a horse! Or figuratively “end”.did you mean “tales”?


  4. nizar, Mr. Arab Observer is good for a blog name not a home one :P. That is my opinion heheheNadine, I should pay you a visit then 😛Naser, why dont you have a number for your house? and Why toot town? 🙂Qwaider, ops, I meant Tales, thank for pointing it out. I corrected it.


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