Emos! a new catch for traditional writers!

So you have been to the mall, and were appalled of the behavior of teenagers?
It is not those who smoke that bothered you,
neither those young boys harassing young girls
or even those bored ones, not knowing how to spend their spare time except by strolling back and forth in boredom
What bothered you is their looks!
Guys don’t look like “men”? huh
Girls don’t look like “women”? huh

This is not an unusual condensing tone of traditional writers
It was gel that bothered you at my time
Now it is wax!
It contributes to the spiky heads, no?
That is not manly enough to you!
A man with a spiky head equals a disaster, no?
For all men are like the powerful Shamshoon!
Their hair is their source of masculinity!
(not exactly like him, for long hair is a feminine attribute these days!)

It isn’t about the hair, is it?
It is those low waste trousers that are driving you crazy!
When you were at that age, no one dared to show his underwear!
It must be the end of the world, no?
We must go back to the military era!
and bring back those tough men of the 60’s
They knew how to fight and protect our land, no?

It is a totally new culture that you can’t understand
so you freak out and warn of a disease!
Satanists are on the rise!
and then you discover homosexuality
It spreads like a cholera for the lack of strict rules! no?
and then
this is something new
a catch for the attention your readers

Emotional teenagers
Ofcourse, you don’t bother to understand
for it is easier to generalize, assume, and attack

They wear black
They have a certain hair style
They listen to a special kind of music
They are depressed
and they cut their veins!

Like in all fast generalizations
you fail to grasp what really brings those group of young people together
It is easy if you look at the name they identify with
They are emotional teenagers
We all know how emotional teenage can be
and we all know that some people are just more emotional than others

There is no need to condemn and fight them
and there is no need to find answers of the cause of what we interpret as a phenomena because it is not
There is no need to group all teenagers under the same umbrella

Sometimes our teenagers may just need
Someone to listen
Someone to hug
Someone to reassure
to help them cope with their turmoil of emotions
and show them the right path of controlling them

Screams may only strengthen their bad feelings and push the small cuts that someone’s adhere to in order to ease their emotional pain, into a bigger ones that may lead to suicides


  1. loved how u put this, although, aside from being there for our teenagers, it would be a good idea to stop labeling them, and making sure they stop labeling themselves the way they do


  2. LOL, I remember when I was younger how much I hated people that picked at my spiky hair and my nontraditional outfit, it really annoyed me that people have nothing better to do but nag about what I do with my look.but now that I am a bit more older and mature, I can understand why people disliked my outfit, it wasn’t really my looks that irritated them, it was the attitude I had by choosing to wear such an outfit.I like the emo style/outfit but I really hate emo attitudes and personalities, they make me sick.


  3. Somewhere many forgot that teens need attention just as much as a new born child. I can remember being a teen, how my worried so much for me, now i look at my brother who is a teen now and I remember what it was like; all he need is love someone to vent to and more occasions a big hug and kiss. 🙂 thanks for posting


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