How much you reflect of your self in your clothes?

I usually wear a trendy jeans with a colorful shirt. A couple of years before, at college time, my choice of shirts colors was limited in few dull colors. At that time, grey, black, and blue were the only common colors for men. Later on, when Bossini, Pull n Bear and Zara brought colors to our wardrobes, a lot of young men of my age were reluctant of picking up on the new found colors for dark dull ones were still part of the norms and percieved to be part of their masculinity. Men shouldn’t wear red or pink, this is still alive in the perception of many of us. For those of the new generation, the rebellious ones, who wanted to say that they don’t really stick to the norms of our society and follow the traditional intake of what we wear, colorful shirts became a trend.

Sometime it puzzles me trying to realize what really happened in the era between the late 70’s and mid 80’s. There has been a huge shift of people’s choices in terms what is acceptable to wear and what is not. The other day, a friend of mine posted her parents 70’s pictures on facebook. Her dad was wearing a light blue trouser with a pink shirt, her mother looked so stylish in different outfits. Both left me wonder of how beautiful that era of time must have been. Since when colorful trousers stopped being allowed for men? My dull jeans has been my only comfortable *cool* trouser for ages now! I certainly wouldn’t risk wearing any colorful trouser at this point of time and become the joke of people around me.

But what does our choice of clothes mean?

Paulo Coelho, in his new book “The Winner Stands Alone” that revolves around fashion (he publishes it directly on his blog), states that:

Fashion. Whatever can people be thinking? Do they think fashion is something that changes according to the season of the year? Did they really come from all corners of the world to show off their dresses, their jewellery and their collection of shoes? They don’t understand. ‘Fashion’ is merely a way of saying: ‘I belong to your world. I’m wearing the same uniform as your army, so don’t shoot.’

It sounds like a statement we issue to the world to define the attributes of our personalities. My trendy casual outfit seems to be a reflection my easy going character. Something I started taking good care of in my teenage at a point where I felt lost of popularity and a need to define where I belong.

Her cut is part of the equation, my friend has been chosing a short hair for more of her life. She is thinking of growing it now, and has been reading about why some women prefer a shorter hair. In her readings, she found out that some women who do so, tend to be rebellious one. It is like some women way to stand up for themselves and break the norms of their societies.

For me, as a man, my short hair is a pleasant choice over my couple of year back longer hair. It does give me a stronger feeling of masculinity, and a peace of mind for not having to fight people over a longer not popular hair style.

Our style and fashion communicates where do we want to belong to the world, some people develop a sweet addiction to the latest trends of fashion around the globe. Styloholic is a new fashion blog for style fans. Glamour seems to be the styloholic writer statement of belonging. I am usually not a fan of fashion blogs, but this one is quiet interesting. Check it out here.


  1. If my clothes were going to say anything at all about me, its that I am way too negligent, careless, and that I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about me. That is because it is easy to notice that I put almost zero effort to think of what I am wearing.


  2. Great post!A while back my freaking job has started making us wear company shirts! I kicked and screamed like a child in the market crying for sweets or toys. I really thought I was going to DIE if I had to represent this company by wearing a crapy shirt, I felt like they were trying to force me to be conventional in some sort of way. It felt like apart of my personality was being ripped away from my spirit. Well, I’m wearing the dull blue collar shirt right now and I’m alive and still Marie, but I do have on my lovely green sweater jacket to add some color in my day. I do love fashion although it is not my life, but I do like to feel comfortable with MY choice of clothing I put on for the day. Aside from that….I’m going to Paris in March and with Paris being one of the fashion capitals of the world I was thinking about what to pack what to pack, this morning yes I’m already thinking about my trip and I still have over a month till my departure. Then it occurred to me pack whatever makes me feel comfortable in my skin…😉 Love and lightMarie


  3. DM, I think that I should have expected that. It is so like you! 🙂Marie, thank you :). I bet your clothes is as colorful and lovely as your character. They must be warm 🙂Hope you enjoy your paris trip to the max xxhareega, practical mashallah 3alaik 🙂Anon, heheeh, I am not a fashion freak, but I heard about guy :).


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