Ideas: Colored Kenafeh, Panty hose 7atta, Buttoned shoes

Some weird ideas have been crossing my mind lately that I am not sure how much potential they carry or how possible it is to implement them. I wanted to write them down in my idea book, but it seems that sometimes I find it easier to take it out on my blog rather than searching for a pen, look for the idea book next to my bed, and put them there!

Sharing those ideas on my blog may also be a good opportunity to discuss them and get different opinions about them. They may be silly ones, but they may have some promise if someone implement them in the right way. Feel free to do so, but don’t forget your idea source 😛

Colored Kenafeh

Kenafeh has been at the top of the arabian sweets cuisine for hundreds of years now. Nabulsi people are the most famous in making a Kenafeh. Kenafeh for those who doesn’t know is based on two layers, white cheese at the bottom and vermicelli at the top. We have hundreds of Arabian sweets shops that serve kenafeh, and all of them serve the same orange-brownish vermicelli kenafeh! Not a single one tried to add some flavors to the vermicelli with a different colors that would make it more appealing to different tastes and different occaisions.

Here are some options we can have:
1. White Kenafeh are perfect for wedding ceremonies – Mint flavour
2. Black Kenafeh are perfect for elegant events – Soos flavour
3. Pink Kenafeh are cool for children – Strawberry flavour

You can go creative here, write down more suggestions in your comment.

Panty hose 7atta like pattern

The traditional 7atta has became a popular scarf around the world. Someone creative enough came up and decided to make different colors of the 7atta that we, for many years, have only knew the red and white versions of it!

Building on the success of that pattern, and seeing the beauty of it around people’s necks, it might be a good idea to come up with different options for people to wear the same design pattern around their body parts.

I can imagine it very pretty as a panty hose under women skirts, no? It can be the next fashion craze!

Buttoned shoes

We have always had shoes with laces, sometimes shoes with a zipper, or even with something that stick, but never tied our shoes with a button!

Why? Why does a button work better on a shirt than a shoe? I can imagine it looks nice on a shoe with opening unlimited design options! Someone can make it work, no?

What do you think guys? I want a percentage!


  1. hmm.. interesting ideas, I don't really know if I would like the flavored or colored Knafeh (not a huge fan of the traditional one, so not sure if my opinion here should really count!) Hatta patterned Pantyhose.. umm the word that comes to mind is WEIRD! although i do like the idea of using the pattern in clothing, I've seen it on dresses, shirts, vests.. and oh there are the cutest t-shirts ever for kids with the hatta pattern (on a couple of them) being sold in the JRF. As for button up shoes..


  2. Green Knaffeh – Pre-party dessert, Jagermeister flavor.Panty hose 7atta, Sexy, me likes, suits punk style outfits.Buttoned shoes, for those that are into feet and like tho untie their lovers shoes slowly with painful pleasure 😛Where do you get these ideas from? has your diet involved some kind of mushrooms lately?


  3. I like the knafeh ideas.I had knafeh with walnuts instead of cheese and it is amazingly good. Why not try different variations on that too? How about a black and white chocolate knafeh.. you pretty much can have a sweets store called knafeh and simply serve all sorts of knafeh variations.


  4. I came up with a couple more ideas:Black mansafA large bottle of water with a little plastic tap on the sidesleeves made of wool to warm you up in winter time, when you go inside a wamr place you just take the sleeves off. pants with underwear attached to them, so you don’t have to watse time wearing both, they just come together, and they should be easily washable (that’s the best idea ever)


  5. hahahahha 🙂 good ones for the knnafeh i think the ideas are very creative .. and for the 7atta i think those Chinese ppl know exactly what we want !!ohh by the way i once had a buttoned shoes 🙂


  6. fazwi, you have to try the colored kenafeh first, maybe you would like one of the new falvours 😛Seems like buttoned shoes is not a very original idea!Nizar, looooooool about the feet fetish!Green kenafeh sounds good, will add it to the menu 😛kinzi, it is great! One of the best gifts I have ever recieved 🙂zait o Za3tar, that is great idea, different variations of Kenafeh! One can be creative about it! Hareega, black mansaf? what is black? yougurt or rice? :). You need your own idea book. Write them down, you may implement some one day.Maroo, thank you! I hope to see the kenfeh idea implemented one day! How was your buttoned shoes? cool ones?


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