Obama has already done some changes!

“From the first moment a woman dared to speak that hope — dared to believe that the American Dream was meant for her too — ordinary women have taken on extraordinary odds to give their daughters the chance for something else; for a life more equal, more free, and filled with more opportunity than they ever had. In so many ways we have succeeded, but in so many areas we have much work left to do.”
— Barack Obama, Speech in Washington, DC -November 10, 2005

Sometimes people who are very skeptical and refuse to give any hope or show little optimism annoy me. Many people said their opinion about Obama and his so called promised change that he will be bringing to the people of America and as a result to the people of the world. While as most say, it is quiet too early to judge, one can’t help but to point out the different decisions Obama has made in only few days.

He revoked a band on federal funding for international groups that provide or promote abortions. He ordered the Guantanamo detention center to be shut within a year. He ordered his staff to come up with whatever planning necessary to execute a responsible drawdown from Iraq. And he reversed Bush’s order of applying restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.

If that is not CHANGE, then what is it?! He seems a very liberal progressive leader to me. He is tackling issues in terms of a human perspective rather than a narrow ideological one.

And if you still not sure of the amount of change Obama hides under his sleeves, check out the official white house website for his complete agenda www.whitehouse.gov

Check out Women and Civil rights pages. Women and homosexuals should rejoice with his action plan!

We are heading towards a better world.


  1. Why do u see the future of the world in the future of USA?Am sorry to disappoint you, but USA is no more number one, it is currently something like 30! And am happy that the far east and asian countries will be the next in row!And even if USA is still number one, what matters the most is where I am living! Globlization has ened before it even started!People keep saying that the next generations will do what we could not, then why the hell are we alive? just to bring them? I just wish we all start working for what matters, and not for the puzzwords and what is going right now, but for the future!


  2. Newspaper! Not the whole world! Just those who decided to be effected by the states are! And Jordan is one of those who decided to, though I can not see till anything good for us from following them!


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