MSN Arabia covers Kate Winslet body!

It is funny how international corporations try to adhere to local cultures in promoting their products. Microsoft way seems to cover women’s revealing body parts on their internet channels.

This is how Kate Winslet appears at Golden Globe awards on MSN Arabia.

and this is how Kate really appeared at the Globes.

It doesn’t seem like a general policy of MSN Arabia! There are pictures of women with some revealed shoulders! Maybe it is just a lousy editor trying to show his photoshop skills!

Seems that our news agency petra is not the only news portal who covers women!


  1. HAHA 😀It would be funny if women in Arabia believe that this is how she actually dressed for the occasion and add such outfits to their fashion taste 😀P.S. Good skillz!


  2. HAHA! Yeah they do that sometimes,,I saw it done in some magazines like saydaty and other Arab women magazines.It’s pretty funny considering they don’t sensor make out scenes on mbc4 or other English channels..


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