This won’t change the world, but maybe some minds..

“I am not claiming a video can change the world but maybe it can help us change some minds… and that is where real progress starts” Her Majesty Queen Rania

Beautiful what she said on youtube, isn’t it?

I can’t admire her more!

and I say that the same applies here for me…. I am not claiming that a single post can change the world but maybe it can help me change some minds…. and yes, I believe that is where real progress starts!

I have a question for my blog readers, have I ever succeeded in a presenting a different perspective or new idea of something that helps change your view of life? Please let me know.


  1. I have to say, I’ve always admired your courage to discuss subjects most poeple wouldn’t dare approach. Now I don’t know about changing my view of life, but you’re on the right track 🙂


  2. Maybe you haven’t really changed my views on life, but you kept the hope living in me that there are people in Jordan that are able to discuss issues that are outside what our traditions tell us is acceptable, that there is someone who is willing to think outside the status-quo.We need voices like yours to be constantly heard.


  3. Moey, thanks man, it is good to know 🙂Farah, :), I think that other people become more courage in discussing such subjects on other blogs, no? Majd, thank you a lot 🙂Zait o Za3tar, thank you as well, I feel that I have more support now with you and different perspective started blogging 🙂


  4. I think most of your posts are inspiring… The way you present your ideas is different… For example, you introduced Haya as a fictional character to discuss women-related matters, which was a brilliant idea. You sometimes create caricatures that demonstrate your POV. You do call for action sometimes. Writing letters, stories, plays have been tried as well. In short your style of writing is diverse, which on it’s own is a different perspective.


  5. a different perspective, I am so happy to hear so. As I said to Zait o Za3tar, I love the support I am getting from you recently :).. and I love your blog. DM, it is GREAT to hear that coming from you. You know how much I appreciate and admire your logic and intelligence… Thank you 🙂


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