Our Habits, our Traditions… and our imaginations!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein

Another tip from the idea book.

Learn to ignore what you have learnt

How many of us can do that?

Fosbury did. He was a high jumper and medicine student. He participated in the Mexico Olympics in 1968. The point of the high jump is to jump over a horizontal bar. The one jumping the highest is the winner. At that time, there were two ways of jumping over the bar: Dive over or Hurdle over.

Forsbury began to study how the human body works, and realized that the smartest way of jumping over a high bar is not diving or hurdling but in fact jumping with his back to the bar!

BUT how much creativity is appreciated in our culture?

People have this tendency of sticking to familiar things. New ideas and ways of thinking do threaten the norms that people made peace with and are accustomed to. In Europe they had the tendency to burn creative women at stake and call them witches. They might have break off this kind of mentality as the human perspective matured and realized the importance of creativity for the progress of human being societies.

but what about us? How much are we still bind to that way of thinking? Doesn’t *our culture* consider *our habits* and *our traditions* SACRED?

“An idea is fragile” Charle Browe said… “It can be killed by a scornful smile or yawn. It can be mowed down by irony and scared to death by a cold look”

How does a new idea stand against a culture that demonize innovation and trash creativity? Is this part of why we are trailing behind other nations at this point of time where there are much restrictions on our imaginations that kills any attempt of bringing up new things that help us progress?

Would our new generation break up from the bondage of our current culture and fly in the sky of their imaginations?


  1. The problem with ideas is once a grown-ass man engages in some kind of oral/anal sex with another grown-ass man his ideas become too corrupted with the sheer size of alternative emotions


  2. It sure does hold back creativity at times but there are certain values that we have that IF used right will actually do us good ! Now I know that traditions could be a real bug at sometimes but if we gave up on some habits and traditions we will lose our identity … Religion shouldn’t hold back imagination and creativity , it never did and I can’t see why it should…Engaging in self hate and saying that we will never do a thing because we belong to this culture is also not gonna help us …


  3. really? Religion never held back ideas?? The earth is flat!!sorry did not mean to get over excited. But an open-minded person with some sort of religion will not hold progress back. Organized religion will. You will always have this higher authority in religion that teaches people what to do or not do. They will brainwash kids from a young age. Also, if our identity is defined by our traditions, they maybe we need to rethink how we define our identity. What i mean is that we cannot define ourselves with traditions that do not make sense. I identify as Jordanian, and I know the history that shaped the current identity of my country and people. However, I also know that this identity matures and grows, changes with time and does not stay static; much in the same way as the identity of a child changes or grows.


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  5. What if you didn’t care about what culture/society thinks/says?What if you don’t allow fear to take over?What if you nurture your imagination and act upon it?What if that imagination and action are actually well received by a few? Or quite a few? Or many?Go ahead, create something new! Do it. You will find a following if you start. So many people are waiting to be guided onto a new track. They are waiting for a leader.Use your imagination, exercise it, please lead the way!


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