My flight and arrival to Stockholm

It is funny, blogger has detected me in Sweden, he turned the menus to default Swede!

It has been a long journey today. We had a transit flight to Stockholm passing through Frankfurt. We left Amman at 3 am in the morning. It was nice meeting the other 2 jordanian participants and the 4 palestinian participants. We had only an hour to catch our flight from Frankfurt to Stockholm, unfortunatly it wasn’t enough! Frankfurt airport is so large and it was so busy. We arrived 10 minutes late, and the plane was off! We had to wait for two hours for the other flight. They said they would arrange for our luggage, but they didn’t seem to arrange it well! We ended in Stockholm’s airpot Arlanda the last people waiting for their luggage without any hope! We looked around for officials to help us. They checked and said that they should arrive in a late flight today. They had our hotel address and gave us a save survival kit! An underwear, tooth brush, shower gel, ….etc! I would like to see something like that implemented in Jordan.

The Swedish Institute people were worried on us for being late. They had two taxi’s waiting for us at the airport, and when we missed the first flight, they contacted our families to check on us. We tried to inform them through email and sms but it didn’t work out very well.

Anyway, it was a spectacular view from the airplane as we reached Stockholm, the city is built on several Islands, it is beautiful to see the merge of land and sea this way. Through our way to the hotel, I enjoyed the landscape of the beautiful shades of yellow and green leaves of the autumn trees.

I had few photos so far which I wanted to upload here, but couldn’t find the camera cable, it seems to be in my bag that hasn’t arrived yet. There is no plan for tonight. I have my heavy jacket in the bag as well so I am not sure if I can go out without it or not! The weather was surprisingly sunny! It was a bit cold when we arrived like a morning sunny day in January in Amman, the night seems to be much colder. I didn’t check it out yet.

They welcomed us at the hotel with a welcome kit of several booklets about Sweden and its culture. It seems to be an interesting read. One starting paragraph caught my attention, I loved it and so I copy it here for the end of this post:

The nice thing about customs and traditions is that they are constantly changing. When no longer in use, they are either forgotten or re-cast in a different mould.”


  1. “The nice thing about customs and traditions is that they are constantly changing. When no longer in use, they are either forgotten or re-cast in a different mould.”— I really like that.. 3o2bal El 2ordon 🙂


  2. heeey very happy to hear from you, from sweden!sounds like lots of fun!we’ll be waiting for more posts about ur trip…take care


  3. rami, thanks, I will ring you soon 🙂zait o za3tar, yes 3o2balna! We ought to realize that!batir, thanks a lot, hope I dont disappoint you 🙂Marie, I am enjoying it all. I am glad you are living it with me 🙂moey, thx man 🙂anon, it is fun so far. I like it 🙂Mama, your first comment here! woohooo :), miss you xxxa different perspective, yes two women are from palestine, there is also onw woman from syria, one from lebanon, and four from Eygept 🙂Noura, thank you so much 🙂


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