I am going to Sweden…

I am heading tomorrow to Stockholm/Sweden for 3 weeks to attend the Young Leaders Visitors Program. It is a cultural program organized by the Swedish Institute. They aim to build a network of people from different Arab countries (Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt) and Sweden who are actively working through social media to infleuence social change.

The program is intensive. It is tailored to give the participants the required tools and skills to shape public opinion. There would be different classes and lectures forcusing on cutting-edge media whilte strenghthning intercultural and leadership skills.

I would be required to document my daily experience in Sweden and giving feedback about the program. It should be fun. I guess, I would be able to right my impressions and feelings over here for you to read.

The whole promise of the trip and meeting all those people excites me. I am just concerend about the cold weather over there! My winter would start early this year! The average temprature in Stockholm in November is between 1-5 c! I guess, I will be staying in my hotel room!

Will let you know how it goes!


  1. Not to offend you but I’m not really sure who made you a leader representing us. Is it that you have different sexual interest? or do you have an experience that we are not aware of?Is it about having a blog that speaks controversial topics loudly ?Again, this comment isn’t meant to insult you but being a blogger with different sexual interest, hitting taboo doesn’t make you a leader.Anyway, I wish you the best possible success at least because you represent the Kingdom in way or another.


  2. wish you all the best dear,sharing opinions and knowing people from other cultures is a very interesting and different experience which you will ofcourse love it.May god be with you.


  3. Anon, I applied for the program and got selected. You could have applied, no? My sexual interests have never been discussed on this blog. I intend to keep it that way in the meantime. So it wasn’t a factor in the selection process.Tama, thanks habibti :). It should be an interesting experience. Kinzi, I did already exchanged several emails with him. I guess I will be meeting him 🙂


  4. I am sure you’ll benefit a lot from this program, and hopefully help you start doing something you like in the future 🙂despite the cold weather, it’ll be an amazing experience, and you’d better not stay in the hotel room, or else ill kick you ass! 🙂Have a safe flight and a great journey, keep us posted as we’ll be waiting to hear from you regularly 🙂kisses…


  5. Have fun, sounds like a great reason to visit Sweden. If you have the time you can try some winter activities like skiing. Although I am not sure when the skiing season starts in Sweden.<>My sexual interests have never been discussed on this blog. I intend to keep it that way in the meantime. So it wasn’t a factor in the selection process.<>I sort of just assumed you were straight, but now I’m not sure what you are.I tend to assume straight unless told otherwise, I guess this is a bad habit of mine. I look forward to when you do decide to share your sexual interests with us.


  6. Have fun in Stockholm, and don’t worry about the weather. Just wear lot of layers, and this way you won’t be cold, and when you get indoors you can take some off.I am looking forward to hearing all about it 🙂


  7. Anonymous that is very rude of you! the program targets many catagorize one of which is bloggers!He is not representing you, who said so! he nominated him self and was selected, he worked on it, so he deserve it.He is not representing the kingdom, read the description again! they are targeting media people!Saying “this comment isn’t meant to insult” is really inapproprite here. It is of great offense just to say that he might have “different sexual interest”!Anyways good luck observer and enjoy ur time, just make us proud of you!


  8. Rami, inshallah I will 🙂moey, thank you mana different perspective, maybe one day! 🙂zait o za3tar, thanks, yes several layers of clothes would help! I will do that!anonymous, 🙂 :), thank you…hamatosha, thank you 🙂


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