A muslim wants to get baptized!

Mom: A muslim friend of mine wants to get baptized. She seeked me and your father for an advice. He told her that from a Christian point of view, if you want to follow Jesus, you don’t care about anything else, but then again, his personal advice for her is to think carefully so that she won’t lose all what she cares for in life.

Observer: shekelha enjannat! (she must have gone insane!). A sane person wouldn’t leave a religion for another one!

Mom: NO! She is very sane! Jesus has been appearing to her for a while!

Observer: hai akeed enjannat ezan! (She most definitaly lost her mind then!).

Hallucintaions anyone??


  1. Observer, this is not insanity and it is not a rare occurance. It happens fairly regularly; in every denomination here in Jordan there are small groups of people like her. Jesus appears in a dream or vision often, usually in brilliant robes. Sometimes holding out his hands, sometimes saying “Follow Me”. Sometimes people pursue it, sometimes not.Your father spoke well and wisely. I will pray for her.


  2. Kinzi, I invite you to enjoy Islam too. My mother saw prophet mohammad and he said the same word “follow me!”


  3. I also dreamt of an alien that told me to follow him, and I became a Scientology follower 🙂Kidding aside, some common sense would help here.


  4. Yes, I agree with you… If someone has the courage to question the reality of his religion, they would not change their religion with something that is equally guilty of not making sense.But as the story above describes, that friend was not in pursuit of a truth, he was in pursuit of a dream… As we all know, religions are not created based on nothing. They were created by humans to serve a specific need among certain people. Now different religions address a different ranges of needs.Maybe that friend knows about Christianity, and that image appeals to him more than his current religion. This is understandable.If we are to remember the alcohol analogy, some people prefer whiskey, others vodka, others beer. Everyone choses the halusagen that fits them.


  5. @ramididn’t mean to plagiarize. Noticed your comment after I posted mine 🙂@devil’s mindI think I need to find a hallucinogen of my own 🙂


  6. i’ve heard people with the same experience: seeing jesus, mohammad, moses, angels, etc…motion to them in a dream.if you ask me…too much tv


  7. Observer ,I think that She just want to get free from constraint her realign put her in.. Such as she do not have to wear 7ajab, she want to drink alcohol , such things…


  8. wow don’t be a fool @@!!!you will lose in here (this life)and the final (heaven for muslims)ENSHALLAH .. 😀


  9. From a spiritual point of view i say : Let her follow the path she feels its gonna lead her wherever she wants to go or achive her aims in life…ya3ni if the whole world stands on one foot * letterly lol * she wouldnt change her mind unless she has the experience !


  10. fadi, who said that a person who leaves his religion to another is insane???i believe a person is free to choose the religion he believes in.eventually god will judge that person if he has done the right or wrong thing.meaning that u can’t say wether that person is sane or insane..


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