1. This is ridiculous. So the very political step of closing the restaurants IS an indication of smashing our individual freedom, a slap in the face of laws and democracy and threat to minorities rights and foreign investments? Seriously where do you guys live? do you live in the same country where we have the militant qowat el darak law? are your gatherings and meetings go under the totally unfair and undemocratic public gatherings and organizations law?We have no actual political or individual freedom and its not because you all cant hang out at box@ … ifft.


  2. laila, who said that we are happy with those laws against public gatherings? We have partial freedoms, we are all aware of that. We work to gain more ground in that department. Such a move of closing the restaurants is a step back. Can’t we raise our voices and object? or do we have to face then other citizens doing the government job and asking us to shut up?!


  3. Ok, I am going to try to put things together…Issues:1. No food in public before Iftar2. No Alcohol in RamadanThis is being translated to CRUSHING (or stepping on):1. Individual Freedom2. Jordan Law3. Business Licenses4. Tourism Ministry “work”5. Jordan Business6. Minorities RightsI contemplated for 10 minutes on how to reply to this and decided to take a baby approach through analyzing the issue…1. Individual Freedom…Yes, I agree… Individual freedom these days is measured by what you can eat and drink in public.2. Jordan Law…The Jordan constitution and progressively the law were built on individual freedom and respect of all elements residing in the society.3. Business LicensesHas nothing to do with Ramadan… Business licenses have always been a pain dealing with bureaucracy4. Tourism Ministry workObviously the Month of Ramadan paralyzes tourism because of all the Jordanian based families living abroad returning to their loved ones for Eid and what have you. So God forbid our holy British, Israeli and American tourists feel annoyed because they cannot drink out of their bottled water whilst walking down the streets of Downtown with shorts and tights (which by the way add a special flavor to Ramadan)5. Jordan BusinessYes… Of course, Ramadan DOES NOT boost business specially at night when all families hang out at fully booked cafes, tents and restaurants.6. Minorities RightsThis could take a while but summing it up in a few words… Let’s define the word Minority from a democratic perspective… Minority in Democracy simply does not exist… Majority always rule. So to make sure minorities in Jordanian societies do not lose their identity, an exception to the basic principal which new political Jordan was built around was made to (in my opinion) impose the identity of minorities on themselves… But that is not free will… What if you were a part of a minority and decide you didn’t want to be anymore, you simply decide on joining the “Majority – whatever that may represent”… wouldn’t be easy now would it? (Bela Tashbeeh) It is like giving special treatment to someone because of a certain belief… That sort of treatment would be a type of favourism because if a unit of the “Majority” decides to do the same it wouldn’t be legal / allowed… Rendering it to others as discrimination. I have another word for it “Hypocrisy”.However, another perspective you should explore is … Eating in public or consuming alcohol can be interpreted as mutual respect and a sign of a harmonious social awareness by society members to each other… Let’s be a bit more positive. We decide to share the culture, not impose it…Wal Salamo 3ala man ettaba3 al Huda 🙂


  4. You should also give em a penis and show him fucking gays .. I heard he closed one of those gay clubs in Amman.see baby … I think, gays and some other drunk ppl should organize a formal protest and say something like “We need our beer back” or “we have the right to be fucked” .. “we have the right to be rude an eat in front of millions of fasting people” .. Actually you know what .. ppl here in LosAngeles do all of that stuff (drinking, gay fucking, eating) in public 24×7, something like a zoo .. so why don’t u LEAVE Jordan and join the club ??


  5. @anonymous right before me:There is a proverb that represents his state: He (God) gives the meat to those with no teeth!!In other words, this anonymous lives under a freedom he does not appreciate, and those who appreciate freedom are living far from it.Well, maybe Observer is not living in LA when it would suit him, but why don’t you go back to Jordan, or better yet move to Saudi Arabia if you think LA is a zoo… Thats the real question.


  6. To devil mind .. This is a stupid proverb which ppl with “issues” like you like to believe in.. God knows what he is doing .. Trust me…


  7. @AnonymousAccording to your logic and your definition of democracy, the majority should be able to decide that the minority should not have any rights, including the right to live??


  8. zait w za3tar..now what u commented at anonymous is just plain stupid..! he(or she) explained that it does not lie under majority/minority concept rather than looking at the positive point of view of respecting the different parties in jordan and exchanging such respect of religions..u can always see it as imposing if u wish to..but i see it as: respect my religion and u being in a muslim country and i will respect ur religion and respect ur way of showing ur beliefs..the minority in law as i understand from anonymous comment does not mean crushing their pride..it means that a minority can express as long as they live under the majority umbrella..


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