Introducing a new rating – MG: Male Guidance

While I have always been aware of the cultural sensitivity issues related to the differences between sexes in our Arabic societies, it didn’t really occur to me that men don’t just limit women physical movement and appearance but they also try to regulate and censor their mental activities and sources of information.

It isn’t just related to Qwader’s rage on my “My love, take my honor and Live” script and him being offended because there are women who might have read it, but also to some weird behavior from my co-workers as the General Manager decided to treat us with a new big LCD Television and a satellite receiver so that we have some entertainment at lunch breaks. What actually happens is that when men are alone in the room, it doesn’t matter what they watch, but they keep wary if any potential female might get in. They automatically switch off channels that don’t even considered to be porn like Melody music and Rotana Cinema when there is a movie for Adel Imam!

I suddenly realized that with all of our *brilliant* ideas we come up with to protect our women, we have never thought of introducing a rating that specifies how sensitive the medium of information towards gender. Our cinemas should have a new rating MG – Male Guidance. That is inline with the PG rating where children cannot watch without their parents’ guidance. The same should be applied to women. Some men wouldn’t like their women to watch something without their guidance. After all, it is a cultural matter and we should respect our cultural heritage. We ought not just to import things from the west, but to be creative and adjust it to our local culture!

So you guys and girls who read this blog and have this cultural issue, please note that I rate my blog to be MG. It requires a male guidance for people into that mentality. After all I ought to be as culturally sensitive as I can!


  1. Observer, glad you’ve been enlightened to the mental and intellectual plight of women here. If a man thinks a woman shouldn’t be watching or listening to something specific, perhaps he shouldn’t be either. Remember the guy in Saudi who didn’t want his wife watching TV when there was a male anchor?


  2. zait o za3tar, :P, shar al baleya ma yod7ek!kinzi, very well said. If something is not appropriate, it is up to both to decide. Women have no less brains than their men!DM, it is actually saddening! It happens in real but without official rating!Mab3oos, Ramadan Kareem for you as well.


  3. I wouldnt mind this MG LOL Good excuse for us girls to take a guy on a date :)! itll be a new pick up line ” I saw you standing there and was wondering If you could guide me watching a movie since I must not watch this movie alone…hehehe….its me dolphine 🙂


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