Mr. Q – The internet super hero!

I have been surfing the net for the past couple of hours
oh boy! I can’t describe how appalled am I
there is all kind of horrible things
I gotta tell you guys
there are a lot of immoral stuff!
At first I got shocked
but then
I decided to react
and fight

Some websites don’t allow you to leave comments
but have contact info
others are like blogs, where you can say whatever you want

so I seized the chance

I started scanning the pages first for any potential immoral word
(I will do it later for pictures and videos – that should be an easier task)

I have this wonderful tool of scanning – my eyes
and I have this wonderful processor – my brain
with an AWSOME – unmatched – moral algorithm

I started shouting here and there
‘walak enta ma btestat7i?’ (you have no shame?)
‘Do your mother or sister read this?!!!’
‘Hellooo, there are respectful people out there!’

Blood boiled in my head
The idea that a woman would check such immoral stuff drove me mad!
for I am an Arab, and as an Arabic *super hero* I have to protect my women!

In the past, it has been easier
We used just to lock them in houses

Have you watched bab al hara guys?
(If you missed the first 2 seasons, then you still have the chance to watch the 3rd one at MBC channel starting from next week)
Akhhhh, I miss those days! Men were MEN!

Now this have changed,
Women actually go out of their houses and work!!
It is okay, as long as they bring money

But we can’t leave them out without protection
There is much harm in the streets, but that is a totally different matter
My specialty is the internet

and unfortunately women can surf the net these days!
Mr. Gates has no cultural sensitivity
He only came up with filters to protect children
He doesn’t realize that we, Arabic men, look after our women like our children

They MUST NOT know what is out there!
Next thing they would start asking for gender equality
and then sexual liberation!

Oh boy! I have to react
I have this sacred duty being Mr. Q!

Here I come to rescue the women of the Arab world
I am your net super hero
I will decide what is shameful and what is not
and I will fight any immoral bitch trying to scratch your sensitive nature

Men shall prevail again, they shall control the information you receive

All under the name of protection
the way we have always been doing
for ages
will keep on doing
not matter what

After all, we have now
Mr. Q


  1. Well put, the sad part is many people will miss the irony in the post, and cheer Mr. Q.You know the other day Askadenia posted a a letter from a woman recounting how she got sexually, physically and verbally assaulted by a cab driver, 2 Saudi guests at a hotel, and the hotel’s security. Some commented that no matter what someone will blame the woman. I couldn’t believe it, but sure enough a deluge of posts followed telling the woman basically that she must have been immoral, that she must have dressed skimpily, or she would not have been assaulted, that it’s her fault. Oh the idiocy of these hypocrites!


  2. moey, do you have 1 million jd maher? 😛 hehehehani obed, yes,too bad they wont.It is sad that we still have this mentality towards women. I would like to see more of them standing up for their rights.


  3. Excuse my ignorance. It seems that this post was a reaction to some events. So: Who did what?! Who is Mr.Q (Qwaider, I suppose, but I am not going to jump to conclusions) and what did he do?!


  4. To be honest with you I thought this was a general post, when I looked at the end of the last post, I think a warning on top would be in order so that someone who may not wish to read such stuff can skip it.


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