Life changes by a single person

It amazes me how a single person can change the taste of your life. People in love feel it the most. Doing the same activity with the person you love is not the same as doing it without him. It is more like a light pulb that you switch on/off based on the existance – or feeling of existance – of such person in your life. When he is around, everything shine, and when he is away, everything dim.

Why does that happen?

How can a single person moves your entire universe from being a dark – hell like – one into a beautiful shiny bright – heaven like – one?

It is absurd to believe that the universe actually changes.

But it does for me! Which make me wonder of how good do I really know the world around me? Is it all regulated by the types of hormones my body produces? and thus my own reality changes by the current state of my mood?

And then I ask myself, why does it all revolve around the heart?

It doesn’t, right? but I feel love in my heart. Or is that just a fake perception? They tell me that my heart is just a muscle, and I take it. They tell me, it is my brain who translates my emotions, and I take it. But some other people don’t. My office friend believes that it is all in the heart! He even quotes the Quran, taking some versus literally!

I want it all to be in the heart either. Maybe it is all in the heart for my soul. An illusion of a soul with a heart. A heart that looks like the one we draw, not the one we see in surgical operations. An illusion of a spiritual life with the soul of God, the soul of us and the colors of love all moving in harmony and sanity.

That is all can be easier to be imagined lived by the presence of your loved one beside you.


  1. it usually takes one person to make major changes, one idea actually. Throughout the course of humanity, most major changes were due to single efforts. such as electricity by Edison, or gravity, ..the list goes on forever.and yes, loving one person genuinely makes her/him mean the world to me.good to see you back brother 🙂


  2. Take heroine and you’ll be in love with yourself, in love with the world and in love with every little stupid thing that crawls around you. It’s all in the mind actually and thus you can never trust what you feel. The mind plays all these games and we are sometimes stupid enough to actually enjoy the ride.Have a wonderful day


  3. Ur writing about a person who can change ur life is very nice.I thought i would write u here and thank u for the response as over Moey’s.Have a good one 😉


  4. anonymous, thanks 🙂abed hamdan, thanks man. anonymous1, I would go for heroine if it isn’t harmful. For now, I will stick to love! heheheActually, you are, it is funny how our mind has this ability of playing such games. But why call it stupidity? It is smart to enjoy the ride 😉have a wonderful day toobobby, thanks, I am glad you likfe it. Cheers..


  5. fadi, i know exactly what you are talking about and how the person feels when he is someone he loves,but it hurts like hell,when it’s time be parted specially if you think that you had a taste of perfection , that would let you just feel that if there was anyone equal to the one you loved would be just the second best … now i’m in that state i feel that whenever i want to try to move on i feel like there is no where to go.hopefully you won’t go through this ever ^_^cheers.


  6. anonymous, I have been there before. You build a sense of perfection with everyone you fall in love with, and when he leaves while you still love him, then you would feel this way. It makes your life dark for sometime, and then you get used to it, and add some colors for yourself. You start enjoying life again, but never the same way when he was in your life. Then you find someone else, and you fall in love again, and this new one shine your life and give it a different color than the one before. Go on and search for a new lover 🙂


  7. too bad that as i said once u had a taste of perfection it’s hard to know anyone better and NO, i didn’t build a perfect image as a person i’m very realistic though i might be living in lala land or that i get carried away with my imagination but that doesn’t mean that i apply it to my real life ,i know where i stand and i know how it goes but it hurts the most when u love someone who doesn’t appreciate how much you love him….it just hurts and it keep on hurting and as u said , life is not going to be the same even if u enjoy it but … heh will try to do so…


  8. I know, it does hurt, as I told you, I have been there for around 10 years, and it all faded out on a single day. It is hard to believe it, but that is what happens. You would eventually wake up. You would go on and love someone else, and a new taste of life would emerge, and you would get what you deserve and live the happy life you are looking for. I am 100% positive of what I am saying. Good luck 🙂


  9. Its a bit weird how we tend to focus on what hurts, whats bad, and we sometimes lose focus of what is all good, pure, love, and happiness.why don’t we cherish those moments that we shared with that someone, whether its your lover, brother, mother, sister, even a friend for what they were.if we continue looking at what is now as a loss of what was before we may never find salvation in our own thoughts, but then again, if we take it as it is, a month, a year, or even maybe 10 years of happiness that we celebrated, and will continue to celebrate, then look forward for whats to come.there will always be sadness over those who left us, but its up to us to pick up the peaces and move on…thats my take on it… thanks again observer!


  10. hamatosha: actually i do look at the past days with my lover as a gain not a loss but i’m greedy and wanted more.fadi: maybe you are right but i don’t want to wait ten years haha i will fade not the memory 😉


  11. hamatosha, you are right. We should cherish and enjoy every moment 🙂anon, actually it took me 10 year to realize that I was in love with the wrong person whom my world used to revolve around and in which I used to consider perfect. The realization came in one day, and it would just come to you in a moment where you realize that you cant have him back and that you deserve better.


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