Love is a prayer

It is there, in the cold of winter where I find your warmth

We sit in a small room, me on a sofa, and you on another one
with two cups of coffee stuck in our hands
as if they have their own love story
and their own history, and future
both, moving in harmony to the dynamics of
our hypontized bodies

At the same time where
our eyes have a different story
communicating in a native language
and taking memoriable pictures of the holy atmosphere

At the same time where
Our lips are moving
in a race
trying to cope up with the huge amount of words
flooding from our hearts
words, moving in waves
and bouncing from side to side of
the boundaries of our holy bubble
bouncing in precise sequence
and forming colorful rivers
that penetrate our ears

It is the picture of eternity
that is summarized in a single moment
a moment that is larger than world
where no sanity is needed
a moment where real appreciation of existance arouse
a moment of ultimate satisfaction
and pure happiness

Shouldn’t love be a prayer?
for no connection with God without it


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