Wall-E – The most romantic movie ever

I have never imagined that I would be touched this deeply with human love by watching a film about robots! Wall-E is the most romantic movie I have ever seen! Human emotions is reflected on those robots so deeply where sex, race and religion is left out of the equation leaving pure human emotions that accompanies love reflected through the expressions and gestures of those robots.

There is support, there is sickness, there is fear of losing, there is infatuation, there is pursue, there is hand touches, there is eye contact, there music, their dancing and there is love

Watching the movie does make me wonder of how easily we let go our chance of happiness because of our fear to stand up for our love. Whether it is people of different religion, a gap in age, or class, or even race, or distance, or sex, it DOESNT matter. It is the HOLINESS OF LOVE that matters. The HOLINESS OF LOVE!

Love is above all


  1. sounds nice,, but im not watching it.. i dont want romantic things 😦 everyone is getting married and engaged and romantic movies all around.. too much love!! lol jk :p thanks for sharing 😀


  2. i read somewhere rating it one of the best movies of the year!i luved the trailer and would definitely check it out,PIXAR animations always revolve around a story first, rather than focusing purely on Quality Graphics


  3. Moey, it is one of the best movies ever!Jano, it is a must watch, alla be3eenek 3al romantic stuff, but you have to watch it 🙂hamatosha, you must check it out. It is one of the best movies evern not just this year. And the quality of the graphics is just as excellent as the story itself.


  4. Observer,You posted a review without ruining the movie/book!!! 🙂 I almost cant believe it! lolSounds nice, heard lots of good things about it, definitely want to watch it.


  5. I was searching the site for your email , obviously I could not find one!is there anyway I can have your email?


  6. i wanted to watch it but couldn’t 😦 soon will do hopefully though, i heard that it was inspired by Hello Dolly but not sure , does anyone know anything?


  7. well its always great grabbing movie like wall e.The only reason i feel to watch or < HREF="http://filmfries.com/index.php/wall-e/" REL="nofollow">download wall e movie<> to watch it again and again is the emotion and the romantic drama that the director has putted in the movie.


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