Excessive pride vs excessive humility

“Excessive pride is a familiar sin, but a man may just as easily frustrate the will of God through excessive humilty”

It does amaze me that eventhough I do consider myself to be a non believer, such phrases do strike me at the heart of my perception of life and the exact motivation one may need to wake up and fullfil his role in life.

This is the second line that quote my attention in ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ . Like the first one I discussed earlier about the trouble God takes in the formation of a man to take on a certain duty. This line talks as well about the same man – same character – and in a way the writer’s attempt of building up his character.

Sometimes a person has to read the signs around him in order to tell what future is planned for him. It may sound like a laughable argument for non believers, and it may as well not be more than a self deception illusion that connect lines and build drama for something that isn’t really out there, but it may be as well real signs that one can read to tell the fortune of a certain character. It may very well be a clear steps for one’s destiny and role in life.

And it is true in way where someone with an excessive self pride may end up attracting the hate of people around him, someone with much humility that has no self confidence may not have the strength to fullfil his true potentials, and thus truly frustrate the will of God and his plan for him.

Moderation is the key and self confidence is essential to take over your role in life.


  1. I can hear you, but if he is frustrated and the ultimate capable why couldn’t he setup people’s confidence the way he wants and avoid his frustration and unnecessary anger? It just defies sense. While what you said entirely fit natures self defined systematic plan of evolution as excessive pride man attracts hate as you said, it is a system reaction to phase out excessive pride and thus evolve in manners, and same for excessive humility the evolution system presents the opportunity to the more confidence thus phasing out excessive humility based on natural selection of the fittest to survive and performs nature’s plan of evolution. My point here is just why even the most intellectual writers like to present the interference of an intelligent designer God just to attract large percentage of readers who still strive to the suspense of something spiritual? I am not against imagination but I just wonder..


  2. husams, it is the way a writer writes his character. He builds the lines according to the charactarestics of the character. He has to build drama, doesn’t he? but at the end he has this vision and role for the character, right? I don’t think it was an attempt of the writer to attract a wider audiance. I think it is more about the characters in this story and the time/place the events is going.


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