Rainbow street Fridays like a Eid

It is beautiful the new exceptional experience one would feel at the Rainbow street on Fridays afternoon. Now with the renovation of the area, and the fame of Jara flee market, it is becoming more of a fashionable trend for people of Amman to come to the area on Fridays. The crowd starts to appear in the afternoon after the heat of the day cools down, and the street becomes so busy as traffic is still allowed where we end up with stuffed cars along with many people walking at each side of the pavements.

What is really beautiful in the crowd scenary here and set it aside as an exceptional new experience to the Ammani people is the type of crowd. Unlike the busy Abdouni Thursday nights where many young people fill the streets partying end ing up with a young male bored crowd which makes the area unfriendly to families. The crowd of the Friday Rainbow street is mainly formed of families. Full families walk togather, the mother, father, sister, brother-in-law, tata, grand-pa, little children. It is like that for the first time in Jordan, families are moving out the traditional Friday house gathering and go togather for a walk in a scenary that reminds me of the Eid days (holidays). It does really feel like a holiday, and it does really feel safe and happiness all over the place.

I stand behind my ice cream display in Licky Licious and watch the shop suddenly filled up when an entire family barges in. Little children take the highest priority for being served. It does make me feel like a Santa when I hand the ice cream cone to them as see the excitment on their faces, ofcourse most end up messing their faces, their mother clothes, and all are the floor of LL.

Friday nights are long in Rainbow street, it doesn’t calm till mid night, that is where I realize how a beautiful long day it was. It leaves me with little time for myself to have a drink with at the beautiful terrace of the Books@cafe.

It is really a wonderful experience.


  1. Amman is simply DYING for some pedestrian breathing space, it suffers from pavements that are either too narrow (with a lovely tree in the middle), too high,disconnected or simply non-existant! Rainbow Street, more like Culture Avenue(Share3 al Thakafeh), is doing so well I think because unlike Ras el 3ein which is only accessible to pedestrians through 100-lane, busy streets, or Al-Hussein Park, which is on the other end of the planet, is acctually accessible to many easily and on foot, it is not filled with upscale shops like Al- Wakalat Street. It’s proximity to people who want and are willing to walk is also to be considered. Lets just hope that this is not just a trend that will pass! But I have a feeling it wont. love new Rainbow street, loved old Rainbow street, and love the efforts to rejuvenate old Amman! 3o2bal il Downtown. Anyway, it’s all good news for Licky Licious!


  2. i agree,usually i wonder of why there isn’t any space to just “wonder”, and some couple of weeks ago, i got that exact answer in rainbow street.it has just the right atmosphere, and with the summer at hand, you can enjoy the walk all the way down, there is a bookshop to browse through, feeling hungry; what better than al-quds for some falafel(probably best in teh country), and some afternoon delight from licky licious.how can you not LOVE amman!cheers


  3. There is something warm about your description that can’t be found in a busy mall here !!! I miss that feeling a lot.. It use to be like this in downtown Beirut but not anymore..Just sitting people watching use to make me really happy 🙂Hope your business is doing well and picking up 🙂


  4. fawzi, you are right, it is good that we finally can have a decent place for families to walk in. I would like to see more servicing shops opening there like more cafes and restaurants (no more ice cream shops :P).Hamatosha, 3njd! how can you not love Amman :). The street is very nice and has a lot to offer, yet it has a lot of potential for the coming few years 🙂noura, it is doing well so far, thank you noura. And yes, the atmosphere is very warm on fridays. We never had like this in Amman. It is so beautiful 🙂Farah, that is exactly the spirit of it :). You are welcome 🙂Moey, it is beautiful, isn’t it?


  5. Ohh.. How nice is the way your describe it..we really needed such a place.. and guess what.. LL 🙂 added a special touch and taste to The rainbow street experiance!


  6. its a warm feeling indeed, wishing for more places like this in amman. been there a couple of fridays and it was great, everything belnds in easily there…unlike the malls in amman… just the thought of the fake security measures shuns me off


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