1. I heard about it on the radio this morning. An idiot came on and said that the festival organizer is a zionist, and the only proof he could provide is that Cheb Khalid sang with a zionist singer ummmm 16 years ago in Europe but he asured the listeners that errr he has proof, solid proof that he can’t speak about ummmmm right, and he keeps it hidden under the tin foil hat he uses to shiled his brain from the aliens!


  2. 6ayyeb can you explain why? Maybe elaborate a little more?Aside from the claims regarding the organizing group (as there’s been nothing proved so far) is that festival our first priority in the time being?


  3. dude, i am trying to find more info about this. i would be thankful if you could throw a couple of information of whats going on exactly, who is boycotting?!


  4. Adoosh, I did in my previous post. Maher, the left party along with the jordanian artist association and the egyptian one, IAF aslo, and rumors about different singers, they say Amer Diab and Elissa.


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