Happy 30 birthday for me

Wooohooo, so I finally reached 30! It has been a long 10 years of being in my 20s! Started with good times at the university, then the struggle of finding a decent job and desperate unsucceful adaptation to long working hours, and finally to the slight maturity that comes with age at the end of my 20s.

Yes, some signs of age started to show up, some white hair here and there, a small bald started taking over my head, and a new wrinkle pops up around my eyes every couple of days, but all in all is good. I like some changes, they are gently appearing, no agressive attitude yet and they are accompanied with more self confidence, a better perception of life, and a growing happiness and appreciation of life.

It is my first time reaching 30. I never done it before as far as I remember – unless my previous incarnations hide it from my perception -. It is cool that human beings have the ability to measure the changes happening to them through the years. I am not sure if this is just me or not, but I really feel that my adulthood didn’t started when I reached my 18, my teenage started in my mid 20s, and I just recently started feeling being an adult! Maybe 18 is a bit exaggerating, but 21 sounds good for a mental age.

30 must be a good age, Jesus started his mission when he reached 30. That must says something. I heard that in heaven we all end up to be 32 years old, that tells something as well, right? It is the combination of youth and the start of maturity. A good enough strength along with a big ambition. Big dreams to take on the next coming years of my life at a time I realized that I am in full control and better awarnace of what I really want.

I wonder what my 30s are hiding for me, and ready to explore the exciting possibilities that are coming ahead. My life has been growing better every day, and my level of happiness has only been moving up each day. I look forward for more and more good days, and more and more ideas and experiences to share it with you guys.

Thank you all for being a part of my life. Each one adds a color to the picture of my life that makes it a real beautiful art work.


  1. Well… Jesus, heaven and reincarnation? what’s wrong with you man!They say Mohammed started at 40, does that say something as well?that put aside, Happy Birthday man! as for the wrinkles, botox is always an option if they r bothering you too much, you will lose facial expression but everything comes at a price!!😉


  2. Happy Birthday!!! Botox, face lifts, hair implants, nips and tucks all the way for me, after 40 at least, so u still have a good 10 years to go (we’ll see how much you love your facial expressions then!! that is if you can still see them through the wrinkles!!lol) God created plastic surgeons for a reason, and a good one i might add!!


  3. Happy birthday w 3o2bal el meet sinneh 🙂You know what they say, 30 is the new 20 and the signs of age now are like the chocolate sprinkles that you add to the ice cream as a nice touch to make it more appealing… You have a nice attitude toward life, you seem content and that’s very important, it will keep u young at heart..May you be always happy 🙂


  4. Happy birthay man 🙂 funny how I was minutes ago walking in the street thinking how I’m starting aging at my 30, then just read your post as well as the comments -which I know are meant to be for you but I couldn’t help else than share use them with you- and now today has more brightness 🙂


  5. Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy being 30.35 is the precise half of the biblically allotted age of 70, Dante started his trip in the Divine Comedy when he was 35. Just a thought 🙂


  6. Tala, thank you! Yes it is the handsome age :P! I like it 🙂Fawzi, thanks. I don’t think that plastic surgeons are meant for fighting age! There are other means that I would be using, like for instance having a good spirit 🙂Summer, thank youNoura, thank you, inshallah 100 saneh with you reading my blog :). It is true, if feel the 30 is the new 20 🙂Kinzi, THANK U 🙂secratea, thank you 🙂Farah, 🙂 thank yooouuuuhusams, hey, where have you been? we are not aging, dont even think about it :P. Thanks for the birthday wishesTololy, thank you! Interesting thought! This is one thing that I really have to read – The Divine comedy!Moey, teslam ya Moey, there is nothing to be depressed at and many to look forward to! You are still 23, enjoy it 🙂hareega, exactly! :P! 7! Thank you KJ, sank u 😛


  7. OH my HAPPY BELATED 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lots of love to you fadiMarie AKA Bright light Warrior Nika


  8. It says in the Quran that all people will be realive on judgement day at the age of 32, the age Jesus passed away.


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