Do you think I am ugly?

I am not short, I am not fat, I am not white and I am not ugly!

Recently, I have gladly met some people who do read my blog. Some of them do comment often (Whatever, and Farah), and others just read in silence (Yara :)).

Whatever turned to be a really nice guy, and we became good friends in no time. I never imagined the guy always jumping on my throat, correcting me when possible, or making a cynical comment would just pop up at Licky Licious with a friend of mind, and ending up to be a dear friend himself.

Whatever and Yara used to think that I am ugly through their reading to my blog! I have no idea where I imply my looks in my writings! hehehe. I am sure they changed their minds after meeting me in person 😛

Farah came to Licky Licious the other day, she is a sweet girl. She asked me if I am the owner of the shop and I said yes. She asked me if I am the Observer. I said yes. I am not sure if she expected an uglier man or not, but it was nice meeting her.

So guys, what are your impressions about me? Do


  1. LOL I didn’t really have any expectations, but if I did, rest assured you wouldn’t have disappointed me! It was really nice meeting you and i’m glad im mentioned in it 😀


  2. In my case, I’ve known you in person and then got to know you through your blog.. At the beginning I was shcked to know that you are the same person! I have to say that the blog revealed other sides of you I was unfortunate to see before.. Keep up the good work Observer!


  3. Qwaider, heheh, that is right! I can shout hear without hurting anyone’s ears 😉Farah, thanks Farah, it was nice meeting you as wellHareega, allah yekhalleek 🙂Tala, which Tala are you? 🙂Kinzi, thanks kinzi, you are as well 🙂


  4. DUDE!! what the hell is wrong with anonymous (well the other anonymous!!) anyway.. i think you’re hot!


  5. haha… so yes i confess, i imagined you were short, fat and whiteeeeeeeeeeeeeee. lol But no seriously, what i think of you, a couple interesting points think…a. you are much much louder on your blog, i agree with qweider. Did you know guys that he also speaks very slowly?b. you have the “mental blogging” bug… sometimes while talking to you you go into your own world and i know you’re thinking of something to blog. 3’areeb… y i’m always at your throat when reading your blog. when i actually am not when talking to you in person. i have to admit sometimes u get the real “whatever” out, but never in person. weird. btw, whatever’s comment to this entry would be: “dude you are so shallow!”Enjoy the day man! 😉


  6. not mee, i think i saw you twice my life by chance once @ virgin, and once in jabal amman, but we have not spoke, you posted some pictures long time ago but from your writings i always thought you are a kind person, smart who can easily influence others and be influencedi remember zaman you had an icon that was a guy sitting on a chair, this pic, just gave me the image in my head of someone who doesnt speak much, thinks a lot, catholic, and observative. but that image didnt match yur writings because you are progressive and i dont think that in a year you will be the same person you are today.


  7. anonymous2, thanks, who are you? 😛whatever, I am not that of a slow speaker :P! I should introduce you to Ghussan (a friend of mine), you would think that I am rocket next to him!I am glad I don’t get whatever out in person! hehehe. Keep him online!Tala, thanks, you should have introduced yourself to me, I would like to meet you in person and know who you are. I guess that you are right, I might not be the same person next year as I am now. Things change fast!


  8. before I met you.. I really had no image in mind, but I thought you would be a very nice person, and cute like Kinzi and Noura said 🙂and I turned to be right..🙂 you are cute, good looking, and nice! 😉


  9. Noura, thank you. That applies to you as well. I am sure you are beautiful (but all lebanese women are beautiful anyway :P)life, thanks life. You are a real butterfly…full of life.. keep it up 🙂anonymous, Licky Licious, rainbow street, ahla o sahlaNevermind, thursday, friday, and saturday afternoon 🙂


  10. so… I am fat and short and very “white” …does that make me ugly… I think that you write these posts for your own ego !


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  12. I think you are very shallow. everything is not about looks. and also, just because people are white does not mean they are ugly. i am happy to be who i am.


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