Quirky Tag

Moey tagged me

The Rules:
Link the person(s) who tagged you.
Mention the tag rules on your blog “which is basically this list”.
State 6 Unspectacular quirks of your own.
Tag 6 following unsuspecting bloggers by linking them.
Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

My Quirks:
1. I like to have different flavous in my food. I like halloum sanwich with strawberry! Strawberry yougurt with shanina and manqal chicken!
2. I still like watching the Bold and the beautiful! Although I don’t make a special time for that!
3. I do check video gaming websites daily although I haven’t played any in the past year.
4. I do have a lot of sanity moments where I do really love life and everything around me!
5. My body starts moving the moment I hear any kind of music!
6. I sleep at 11 usually!

I tag Devil’s Mind, Lost with me, Batir Wardam, Hareega, No angel, and Lina


  1. yes aham ishi 7alloum with strawberries… and strawberry yogurt with manqal! 🙂but u forgot to mention ur love for Brooke! 😛


  2. A new tag… Okay, as usual, I answer the tag as a comment, so here you go:My Quirks:1- I have a poor sense of direction. I can’t easily get to places. I get lost often!2- I forget a lot! My memory is poor…3- I spend too much time on my computer\online…4- Usually, one orgasm isn’t enough: I go twice is the same session.5- My sleeping is very irregular. I usually sleep in the morning. I sometimes sleep at midday (12:00 noon). 6- I love giving the middle finger… It’s like my most obvious trait!


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