Hey, old buddy, how’s it going?

Rambling Hal’s facebook status:

After I die, wherever my spirit goes, I’m going to try to get back and visit my skeleton at least once a year, because, ‘Hey, old buddy, how’s it going?‘.”

Hal is hilarious, but seriously would you leave your *buddy* for only a once a year visit? I would want mine to be with me all the time. I have this addiction towards mine! I can’t live without him. Actually I have never tried to! How weird would it be? Me without my “buddy”! Would it really be me, or is it him that is me! Does my world revolve around him? Yes it does! I don’t shy to admit it! I know he would be old and useless by then, but who knows, maybe we can fix that?! I heard that our body ages would be around 30 in heaven! I wouldn’t mind it be 10 years younger than that, but 30 is fair enough. Isn’t it?

What if my buddy is tricking me? There is no me. It is just him. I mean how would my spirit come and visit my buddy if there is not my spirit! There might be no my buddy as well :S! I just have to pray to blogspot to keep *my* blog as a last residue of the *my* related stuff.


  1. I seriously doubt that after we die we’re gonna still have the same “interests” we have now.ya3ni I think we’ll have much bigger things to worry about 😛


  2. well, I don’t know. I’m so satisfied about my body 😛Hal is definitely something, she keeps impressing me whether with the purple monkey display pictures or the rest.


  3. bakkouz, maybe! but shouldn’t out history be part of our next phase development?Moey, heheh, she is definatly something 🙂whatever, man, concentrate! 🙂Krister bjorg, are you? I love being here 🙂


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