The Casino!

OMG! We were at risk paying $1.4 billion for the casino issue!
I can’t express the amount of gratitude that I carry for the government
*for saving* out butts of this problem!
We paid $157,000 instead!
Not a bad price for saving our morals!
Aslan, we don’t have any hungry people to feed
o even if we have, it is our moral dignity that matters the most
so what if some people sleep a night or two without dinner?
The government has better priorities of spending our money
It had to take the risk
Even if we have to paying $1.4 billion
We would be ready
We can all sleep a night or two without dinner then!
After all, we are ‘al nashama’
Brothers do support each other
so we stand behind our government
No matter what goes wrong, or WHO is responsible!
Because it doesn’t matter really. Does it?
It would be hectic for the government going back into the signed up papers
and prosecute the guy responsible
He most probably didn’t do anything illegal!
He had a vision
and the new guy has another vision!
At the end of the day, individuals rules!
We never claimed that we have a country policy?! Did we?!

Anyway, it is just a small mistake
It isn’t like one of our sisters have lost her virginity, right?
That would be a totally different issue!

To be honest with you,
I still don’t understand all the fuzz about the casino
(This is between me and you)
Was it really a moral issue?
Enno, I don’t get it.
We have bars and night clubs, rights?
Alcohol is not as sinful as gambling, right?
We can get drunk as much as we like
It is okay to lose your mind, but no no to play with money!

Like if we have any money to play with

I am imagining having myself heading to the casino on a thursday night
How much shall I carry with me in order to be allowed to enter?
You can’t go to a small cafe in Amman without spending 10 jds on a thursday night!
How about a casino?!
Would 50 jd be enough for a low scale entry?!
(I know, with that amount of money, I wouldn’t be respected at the entrance of the casino!)
Would I be insane enought to spend as much moeny on a single night?
Ofcourse I have to pay for the car fuel and other expenses
and ofcourse I have to look for a female friend to join me
I bet it wouldn’t break the ‘couples only’ policy
(unless I have 1000 jd in my purse)

1000 jd?
I would go to Sharm al Sheik then
and gamble as much as I like!
Along with spending the night at the most luxurious hotels
and I would be in a touristic lovely area
that has much more to offer than what we have in the dead sea!

Talking about tourism?!

Can we start thinking of ways to entertain our tourists?
or is the term *FUN* out of the box to us?


  1. getting cynical, eh? Adivce from the most cynical guy u know: Careful, it is a slippery path. I personally want a Casino, the government is gambling with my future, at least it is my own money i am gambling with. Whatevuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr


  2. سبب الغاء اتفاقية الكازينو هو مجموعه من الاجرائات الاداريه المشبوهه التي اظهرت الفساد الضخم في هذه الصفقه .. الحكومه لم تلغي الاتفاقيه حرصا على مشاعر الشعب .. اصلا الشعب لم يسمع بالكازينو الا بعد الغاء الاتفاقيه .. بس طبعا انت دايما بتحب تعزف على نفس الوتر .. يعني زي لمل كنت بتشجع عمل حج للشواذ في الاردن .. احكيبك ان احنا مبادئنا اهم عنا من اي اشي تاني بالدنيا ومشس لقمة العيش هي اللي رح تخلينا نتنازل عن اخلاقنا -بعيد عنك- وعقيدتنا لان احنا اصحاب مبدا الحمد لله


  3. farah, I am glad you doTamer, thank you 🙂hamede, exactly!whatever, i know it is :P, they are gambling with our future! lolanonymous, I have principles too. Freedom of choice and expression along with good living for everyone. If you dont like casino’s dont go to it, just dont forbade other people from doing so.


  4. There are always online gambling sites for the gambling fans (me included)! [I know people like the idea of a Casino more the gambling itself, and I would love to see a Casino here in Jordan…]


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