Military resistance proved its castration

Is it time for us Arabs to re-evaluate our definition of military resistance? Is it time for us to look back into our cultural values that we have built in the past century in order to fight back the threats around us? Isn’t it the time to stop for a moment and learn from our lessons, be wise and plan for a better future?

Military resistance proved its castration

The fighters we created in order to protect us are turning their weapons on our faces. The culture of glorifying our fighters and worshipping bloodshed blowed in our faces. The real fear of a normal Arabic citizen stopped being the greedness of Israel or the imperialism of the USA, and it is not the dictatorship of our leaderships, it is in fact the weapons of our fellow people in the very same country! Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine is a living model. Why would an Iraqi man fear the threat of an Iranian invasion while he can be easily killed and tortured by his fellow brother? What would be better for a Lebanese citizen to be occupied by Israel, Syria, or his very well brothers in Hezbollah?! And in Palestine, resistance grew up to form two sub-states that are short of the basic needs for living!

We should learn from history. Powers are prone to collide. People gaining power in a state would most definite look forward to gain control. It happened before in Jordan in 1970. The palestinian resistance gained much ground in the Jordanian soil, and became a threat to the Jordanian regime. We had to undergo a drastic surgical operation in order to level things up. The same is happening in Lebanon now. The power of the state is not enough to keep the resistance weapons to the outside. It is a risky play to build two power in the same state. We should learn to avoid it.

Maybe it is time for us to stop following our leaders blindly. The next cultural necessity we are in desperate need to learn, is to be able to communicate our needs peacefully. We ought to move the nature of our battles from the boodshed on the ground to the space of median. Let’s learn to use our voices instead of our hands.

Is it ironic that yesteerday I thought that Sykes-Picot agreement was a bless to our Arabic nation for we are unable to maintain the peace of those divided small states, how in the hell would we maintain the peace in a large one? Would we end up dividing the Arab world ourselves if Britain and France didn’t do that for us? Did they spare us a lot of bloodshed?


  1. That last paragraph was painful to read, but true nevertheless. I think the problem is that people as ever seem to be more interested in their own personal power than the good of mankind. I wish I could see that ever changing, but I can’t.


  2. Or maybe re-enforce what struggle and resistance means for those who dont get it. because even though arguments are articulated in a way that gives the impression they care about resistance and against the way it acts at points the thoughts embedded between the lines surely indicate that the ideas are against struggle, was it peacefull or militant. We got enough from that speech that made us lost our cause and now losing our lands not to occupation this time but to capitals and businesses.


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  4. Observer,,,I like to give an advise, politics is not your cup of tea,you should stick to making ice cream. maybe you have little bit of experience in ice cream making than writing about politics because you have no clue of what’s happening to area even though you live in Jordan but your information is almost close to zero,i wish you good luck in ice cream making and I hope you make lots of money doing that, and hopefully this summer i will bring my family to your shop to buy ice cream.


  5. Hani, exactly! It is sad that people still fall for this and follow leaders blindly!Laila, we lost our cause and ourselves by following the leaders who know how to play with emotions blindly. It is time to stop, think, and act PEACEFULLY towards protecting our rights. We ought to stop walking down to our grave! alurdunialhurr, I guess this is more of a social call than a political analysis. Any kid in eleminatry school can see the disasters we are getting of our choices of military resistance. It doesn’t need a smart guy to figure out that there is something wrong.You are welcome anytime to the ice cream shop 🙂


  6. Observer!? What the f&%% is happening to you man!? since your last pretty naive and unworldly definition of a jordanian public official I stopped reading the blog and out of attachment to old habits revisited you today. I’ll try to be a bit more polite than alurdunialhurr, bas this is seriously not your cup of tea!But what I really do not get is why? Why there are no socially progressive, democratically oriented healthy nationals in the Arab world? And i mean national in the original sense of the world, not the one that was tarnished by the endless years of dictatorship of former arab nationals.So the spectrum of political movements and entities in the arab world seems to be either (by no means a comprehensive list)a. Religious undemocratic socially backward fanatic sects and countries, that range from xenophobically national to fully collaborative with western forces (who proved they mean the region no good).b. Socially progressive, unreligious dictatorships. Again completely collaborative. c. Socially unprogressive unreligious dictatorships. d. and worst of them all, democratic, socially progressive, secular regimes with zero nationalist ideas. Why can’t there be any secular socially progressive tolerant and open minded people who still have a nationalist sense? Again, no amount of ice cream can make me happy and i think there is no point in debating. As i always say. Whatever!


  7. whatever, it is good that you get attached to old habbits! heheheI couldnt find in your reply a counter argument to my post! I ask the same, why dont we have a social secular democratic progressive open minded people ruling? I can certainly see such among many bloggers! Can we push for a better future rather than clapping to militaty resistance that are only causing us damage everywhere?


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