Fruity Licious @ Licky Licious

I am so excited about this. I haven’t announced the opening of Licky Licious on my blog yet because I am waiting to finalize everything before the grand opening, but Licky licious is opened since 3 weeks ago. And while there are still a lot of work to do before the real opening, I am so excited about the products we have so far.

We have been experimenting with Fruit Salad and Ice cream. Yesterday we managed to create a very delicious one where I couldn’t hold it anymore and wanted to share it with everyone. I got you the two pictures above :).

Business is promising so far. We have been able to build loyal customers in a very short period of time. It does make me happy to see people coming back for more because it means that they like what we offer. Still we are waiting for summer and the official opening of the Rainbow street to make more business.

So far we have:
1. Ice cream
2. Slush
3. Frappe
4. Milk Shake
5. Fresh Orange Juice
6. Fruit Salad

I really recommend Fruity-licious and Frappe-licious :). Come and try it out 🙂


  1. To everyone, im not just saying this because Fadi is my friend , NO! BUT the Fruity-Licious thing is SO good… and I really mean it! 🙂Please go try it, and r7 ted3ooli! 😀


  2. As late as it is : Mabrook 😀 I like u even more for opening an Icea Cream shop coz Ice cream runs through my Veins… I am addicted to it !!When I was in Jabal Amman couple of weeks ago I looked for you but I cudn’t find the shop 😦 I read sth saying it is near Falafel Al Quds but I saw nothing !!! so wud u pleas gimme a detailed adress !!!! I wanna try ur Fruity Licious 😀 😀 😀 😀


  3. <>lost within<>you know the building across from falfel 2il quds its the building right after it before the school there is also a gift shop next to it.The ice cream is good, and so are the milkshakes 😀 but i guess i have to give that fruit salad a go.


  4. haitham, :), hehehe, it is really good :P. I know how much you like it 🙂lost within, it is infront of falafel al qudes. I have a sign now and a green umbrella. You go there and will see it.Natasha, ahla o sahlano_angel, when did you pass by man?? Why didnt you tell me? 🙂


  5. 7aki fadi, thank you :), I appreciate it 🙂DM, from 11 am – 9 pm for now. We’ll extend our working hours in the summer inshalla. You are welcome anytime. I would love to meet you in person 🙂quing, your scoops are ready :). Yalla waiting for you…hamed, thank you, your kids are welcomeHareega, and it tastes very good as well. Allah yebarek feek, thank you 🙂


  6. do u serve the GCC region!😛mabroook mabroooooooook got to try it when i visit Jordan best of luck


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