The Jordanian Spinster Act 3 – The Final

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Act 3Final act

EXT Car 5pm

SALMA is driving while MOTHER sitting in the front seat next to her (Both with big well done hairs and full strong make-up)

It took us ages at the Saloon, we should hurry up before our guests arrive

SALMA with no reaction continues driving

I am so excited honey, it is your big day! Finally it arrived

SALMA with no reaction as well still driving

A moment of silence

Mother, I have to take care of an urgent matter. You go now and I will be back in no time

WHAT? Where are you going at this time? We don’t have much time. You still have to wear your wedding gown before people arrive

It would only take 10 min. I swear

SALMA stops the car at the side of the street for her mother to leave.

EXT Car 5:30pm

SALMA is driving alone. She is crying silently in the car. The tears mess up her make-up. Her phone rings, she doesn’t answer. She murmurs

My wedding night! My wedding night! heh

EXT A Hill Sunset 6pm

SALMA parks the car in a quiet place, moves out nervously. She turns to the back of the car and opens the trunk. She picks a big bag that seems to contain a large white dress. She picks some baby dolls as well and moves in fast cold steps into an old abandoned house’s garden that is on a very high hill showing the mountains of Amman.
SALMA moves behind a big old tree, she drops the dolls on the floor

Wanna see a bride kids?

SALMA takes off her clothes and wears her wedding gown. She moves and looks on to the old houses of Amman and shouts in a loud voice with tears covering all over her face

Here I am! Your bride my lovely city
Am I good enough now?
MOTHER, am I good enough?!!

INT Kitchen 6pm

Mother on her phone, looking at the clock nervously.

Where is she?

EXT Hill 6pm

SALMA is standing on the hill facing Amman. A sad song in the background plays

SALMA ya SALMA, our lovely bride ya SALMA

SALMA picks up a sharp razor from her bag and cut off her left hand vein. Blood burst out and covers her wedding gown

Here is the blood I have saved for your honor!

our virgin ya SALMA, the blood of our honorable bride SALMA

SALMA cleans her tears with her hand and the blood covers all over her face. She feels like the world is circling around her

I have always played by your rules!

SALMA ya SALMA, our lovely bride SALMA

but it has never been good enough!
I denied my desires and dreams for your sake!

SALMA cuts her right hand vein

SALMA ya SALMA, you’ll became a complete woman ya SALMA

And yet you throw me to this man. As if my own misery is not enough for you. You want to bury me with him
I will let you burry me

SALMA collapse on the floor, she picks up the dolls and embrace them. She has no power left.

SALMA ya SALMA, our mother ya SALMA
Your blood covers the mountains of Amman ya SALMA
Your scream rings in our ears ya SALMA
Your sacrifice touches our souls ya SALMA
our beautiful bride SALMA

Be gentle with my sisters

SALMA closes her eyes

INT House 6:30 pm

MOTHER hears the song, her face is pale.

SALMA ya SALMA, our beautiful bride SALMA

What have I done?


  1. I’m disappointed from the ending… it is too melodramatic… suicide IS never the final resort nor the solution!!!! it is very weak and quitter attitude… if she ran away… started a new away from her family would be much better a solution… I’m sorry but I don’t like the ending one bit!


  2. Totally agree with super.devoika ! the ending was really dramatic ! She cud have turned him down like any other suitor chosen by her parents but to kill her self is not the answer …she is acting like a martyr when she is not ! what if she died? who gives a damn ? are people going to change the way they look at old maidens after her little sacrifice??! I do not think so !


  3. super devoika, lost within, remember that this is a movie. I am not trying to give a solution to the problem, and while Salma may have decided to scream out her pain, other Jordanian women would fight in another way.Tala, the moral is a scream out to society to stop pressuring single ow women. I know a lot of women do struggle with this issue and not one of them would commit suicide. Yes, I pushed it over to be melodramatic, but it meant to voice out how bad it is the daily struggle of spinster women in Jordan. Salma said it herself to Amman: be gentle on my sisters. and I second her, people please do


  4. dude dude dude …you have a good style … you pay good attention to details … but you have to think out of the box … the idea of the black wedding dress was wonderful you could have built on that … and keep this in mind … when you write a script you don’t want people to understand … you want them to think … good luck … i know that u accept criticism with openness and thats why i am writing this 🙂


  5. I wanted to leave a comment on the Act-2 asking you to keep her strong and not to let her fall under the pressure and do something crazy but I didn’t expect this.. I wish she stood her ground,kept her chin up and the hell with what people think..The ending should have been the opposite of what happening in real life on most should have been a motivation..


  6. Well, I understand that The Observer is not a professional script writer… The script is gorgeous and meaningful, although not a complete work of art, as it misses some elements.I agree as what have been said, that suicide is not a solution… But as The Observer stated, the script was not meant to present a solution in the first place.The script is a good start, because understanding the problem is the first part of its solution… And the script does draw attention to the problem! Drawing attention to a social problem is good on its own merit.Good job The Observer.


  7. I Believe its a very good start Fadi,Although I agree with Noura on prefeing a more positive motivational Ending..But I am sure you had a vision that you Believed in.. and I respect that!So good luck in future scripts!P.sKeep in mind Isam’s Note about letting people think not understand 🙂 I am no expert.. But I think its a Key!


  8. Isam, I prefer to see the details inside the box first ;), by box is boundless. Ofcourse I accept critisism, but didnt you stop for a moment and thought about Salma?Noura, sorry, this is what Salma wanted. It is her story not mine 🙂DM, thank you! I appreciate your opinion. Yes, acknowledging a problem is the first step for solving it. life, thank you, but didnt it make you think of Salma? Do you see her struggle in other women around you?hareega, thank you :), some people do reside to suicide.


  9. Observer, I am sorry I missed this whole screen play in it’s time! Some women commit suicide not by drawing blood, but by withdrawing into themselves, losing their identities in the marriage.I enjoyed your creativity, and the great way you go to bat for woman. 🙂


  10. I just read the script the scene at the end moved me imagining the bride in her white gown scarifying her self on the hills of amman the blood coming down her dress, she sacrificed herself for her own freedom not to be owned by any man, i wish more women would give them self to a worthy cause like salma rather than just work towards having a man in there life at least for those that do have the choice.Dolphine/ Jomana


  11. Fadi, I couldn’t agree more with the commenters regarding the end but after all its your story & its Salma’s choice to put an end to her life. However its not a very common solution among arab girls ….as most of them submit to reality & culture …a few struggle, run away but suffer & lose a lot such as peace of mind, the support of their parents…sometimes they end up being on their own……The end result we have: we either surrender or struggle but lose……Lovely story & nice style …u just put us in the mood


  12. jomana, totally agree 🙂Arab Lady, yes, everyone is telling me the same. All want to see a stronger woman. I can be stubborn sometimes. I just loved the ending. It meant to be a message emphasizing how bad social pressure can be on women. I may be wrong altough 🙂


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