The Jordanian Spinster Act 2 – Scenes (1,2)

Read first Act 1


INT Social development department office 1pm

I want to apply for custody for a little boy

you have to fill this application Madame and we will call you soon
Officer hands SALMA an application form. She sits down starts filling it.

Excuse me, this application seems to be for married couples. Don’t you have any for singles?

Single? Aren’t you married?


Then you can’t apply. We only offer custody for married couples

and who said so?

It is our regulations. We want to make sure that those babies get raised in a normal home with two loving parents that are capable of giving him the love and support he needs

and who said that a single woman can’t raise a baby? I am well off financially and I can give this orphan the love he needs. One parent is better than no parent, right?

Don’t argue with me. Those are the rules. I can do nothing. Go and find a husband and get your own baby! Or is it too late for that?

SALMA opens her mouth in shock

INT SALMA’s car 3pm

SALMA is driving while being distracted. She has flashbacks

you can’t stay single forever, I won’t let you!

Is it too late?

Not good enough

She wakes up horrified. She presses hard on the brakes to avoid hitting the car infront of her.

SALMA is parking in front of a shop with a big display window showing wedding gowns. Her hands are shaking and she seems distracted.

SALMA murmurs
So mother you want a wedding? Fine, I will give you one

She looks from the window, sights, clears her tears, checks her purse, then leaves the car heading towards the shop.


  1. Fadi this is not fresh enough … it is controversial but artistically you have to improve … Brokeback Mountain didn’t only rely on its theme to draw attention … it was made with unmatched brilliance to earn its merit … good luck


  2. i have always said that if i dont get married i will get artificial insemination! So many people argue that its wrong and religiously inncorrect! Oh well. Marie


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