Do you know how pearls are made?

No pain no gain, right? Hard work and struggle is essential for people’s growth. Yesterday I attended a lecture of script writing hosted by the Jordanian Film Commission for Mr. Paul Wolff – A professor at University of Southern Californian for Cinematic Arts.

M’r Wolff will be lecturing a team of around 12 Jordanian young talents about script writing for week time workshop. Fortuantly I was selected to be among those Jordanians and attend this workshop. (I am excited about it)

But this is not my subject here. Mine is something Mr’ Paul said trying to explain how pain is good for our growth.

He asked:
Do you know how pearls are made?

They are made when a grain of sand slips into the oyster’s shell, in order to protect itself from irritation, the oyster will quickly begin covering the uninvited visitor with layers of nacre, and thus ending up making a pearl (read the whole explanation of the process here)

Me – The moral of the story: We can create pearls with our struggle.

He then continued and asked:
What does happen when you rub two sticks togather?

You get FIRE

Me – Isn’t it amazing how much we can do with persistance?

We all face some hard times in our lives. We bury our pain inside of us without realizing that what we reside is a treasure that can turn into pearls once we let it go and show it to people. People who suffer the most are those with bigger treasures inside.

Sounds like an interesting start for the workshop, isn’t it?


  1. I think that applies to <>wise ppl only<>.when you suffer you have to decide if that is going to make you better or a worse.Many great artist have become who they are after some kind of struggle in their lives, but others have became criminals.On the other hand a supper beautiful life experience can produce amazing ppl.Actually I believe that wisdom, love and ambition is what makes ppl get the best out of their suffering and not let it damage them, suffering and struggling is dangerous and its results are not predictable .


  2. Gardenia, you are welcome 🙂Tala, 3afwan 🙂that guy, I m glad you like it. Natasha, criminals are people committing crimes for different reasons. It is a special case for each crime, but I am sure that any person who goes through any kind of struggle is pushed to grow. I think that wisdom comes with suffering 🙂


  3. Enjoy ur workshop and what u said is just true !! If only people looked at pain in the same way there will be no pain aslan ! again , have fun and oh , do tell us how it went 😉


  4. hahaif there is one slogan i will fight till i cannot, it would be ‘no pain no gain’!Enjoy the workshop.


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