The Jordanian Dream: Blog About Jordan Day

One can’t help but to notice the rapid development going in Jordan in every possible sector. No day passes by without reading about new investments. Investments that are scattered all over the country from Irbid, Jerash and Ajlon in the north, to Al Mafraq in the far east, Aqaba and Petra in the south and the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea in the west.

Every single day the face of Jordan changes. The country is moving forward at a pace only blind people can’t acknowledge. With each investment, a lot of opporutnities arises and a lot of doors opens for Jordanians to fly in.

The beauty of Jordan is its sanity in an insane region. A sanity of a woman who is wise enough to know how to defend her children and their cousins! A woman who knows the tricks of the modern world and plays by the rules. A woman who knows the importance of the beauty of the mind along with the beauty of the body.

Jordan is maturing with its children. The citizens we are, all is Jordan. With a strong well to succeed and with great potentials ahead of us, we know that we can dream, and we know that the Jordanian dream is real and closer than we even realize.

3ala kader ahel el 3azm…


  1. Absolutely true .. the face of the whole country is slowly changing into something beautiful. There are a few kinks to work out though, but who knows, with all this pain, we might come up with something for the future. The conditions are getting better, and the future looks promisingOne day, soon, when honor killings are extinct, that would be the first step to a better, more modern Jordanian society


  2. Inshallah may you always be moving forward..True,Jordan is like a woman living on her own in a tough neighborhood but knows how to take care of herself.. I like the comparison..I just saw the banner for the ice cream place,I hope you be successful and branch out of Jordan too..Maybe Florida ?? 😉


  3. Qwaider, I really hope we can find a way to put an end to honor killings. With more social development, I think that it would fade out in no time.Deemco, thanks 🙂Maher, thank you. Yes, it was a really lovely Jordanian day 🙂Kinzi, thanks to you. Noura, Florida? I have to dream to reach there one day :). We will start with a small branch in Amman in the meantime 😛 hehehe.


  4. والله أنك عايش في الخيال،نعم الاردن يتغير ولكن الي الاسواء


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