New business and marriage congratulations!

Now that we are close to open Licky Licious, and with all the amount of work and money we had to invest in this shop, and all of the congratulations and luck wishes (Join the facebook group), I have been thinking of the need of family, relatives and friends in supporting a new business the same way they support new marriages.
When someone gets married in Jordan, every single member of his family, and every single friend of his/hers comes to the newly married couple’s house with a gift that can be either money (with no shame here) or even anything that can be bluntly requested as a need for the new house.

While new houses when they first gets opened do still need a lot of stuff to be completed, new businesses suffer from the same thing. My sister and her husband have triggered the whole idea in my head when she gave me a clock as a gift to hock on the wall of licky licious (thanks Qwaider for the URL gift). It was nice of them and made me happy. The support of family members and friends is nice at this point of time, and congratulations would have a stronger mean if they are accompanied with a needed gift that can help.

It is not about my new shop here, but the idea itself. I seriously believe that we need to have a slight shift of values in terms of supporting new businesses the way we are supporting new marriages. Young men do spend the first 10 years of their professional life saving money in order to plan for their wedding, and they end up the next 10 years trying to make up for the loans they have taken for their new house and furniture. That is a terrible model that is causing a lot of trouble in our society and a lot of young people who are left unmarried in a society where marriage is sacred.

Why don’t we shift our concentration on supporting new businesses first? Business should come before marriage. Young couples can invest in a new business for 2-3 years before planning for their wedding. If it did work, they can get married with a secured future, if not, they can postpone it till their financials get better.

Globalization and international companies have left little room for local small businesses. The support of local communities is essential at this point of time to not only save our local business heritage but also the economic of the country at large.


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  2. I agree on this Observer..I noticed that many have a hard time supporting a friends business. and by support here, they dont really need to get you a gift, they can simply buy something from you or spread the word, I remember when I tried to start a small jeans business from home, the jeans were brands for a really great price, but most of people I knew at that time prefered to go get it for three times the price than buy it from me!We support you Observer.. and Looking forward to eat the Yummi licky Ice cream.. 🙂 WISH YOU ALLLLL THE LUCK In the world!


  3. Congratulations Fadi on your new shop, wein il ma7al bi share3 il Rainbow,is it on the main street willa bil dakhlat zai Blouzat?a small business needs all the effort and support in the first 2 years to establish itself, so yupp family and friends would do a lasting effect if they gave the support for a new business but sometimes friends/family would be clueless on what you truly need !@#$


  4. Observer as ur business partner 🙂 I agree with life the support of the family and friends should be through spreading the word and buying from the shop that’s the best support we could get.We shouldn’t ask anyone for gifts and presies ya az3ar hehehe.Nasser


  5. Crescenet, thanks. Life, thank you ya hayat, you are so sweet 🙂What I meant is that starting someone’s own business should be appreciated and highly regarded as much as marriage. Everyone should do that and we should all support each other.Kinzi, that is a cool idea, I was thinking about it, but realized that it would cost me around 200 jd now while we are almost out of money and have some more important stuff to buy :P, but inshallah we’ll do it soon. Tala, thank you. It is right on the other side of falafel al quds. Go to the facebook group, I placed a map for it. Nas, hehehe, I am not asking people for presents, but I am trying to say that people should start their own small businesses, and we all should support each others. The rituals of weddings shouldnt be any more important than businesses.


  6. i deactivated my facebook :S hmmm post the map on your blog 😀 coz if its infront of al quds, there is a croassroad with school to the left and abu il dahab center and BC to the right


  7. Qwaider, thanks man.Tala, ofcourse I will post the map later on :). Licky licious is the first shop next to the school. I will add a sign to it very soon so that you won’t miss it 🙂


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