The 100th name of God

Have you ever asked yourself about the 100th name for God/Allah?

It has never occured to me
For I have always heard that in Islam God has 99 name
and while
I have never been interested enough to know the 99 names
which are mostly attributes of God
Like The Merciful, The King, The Creator, The light, …

I found the question about whether there is a 100th name or not

Amin Maalouf,
The famous Lebanese writer
Build a whole Novel about this issue
Balthasar’s Odyssey
I have no idea
Whether the novel is a pure work of fiction
or has any truth to it

The concept in itself is exciting enough for me,
Like when I discovered Lilith (The first woman of Adam) 😛

The main character of Amin’s Novel: Balthasar
Go in a journey from Jubail in lebanon to Istanbul in Turkey
looking after a book that is rumored to have in it the 100th name of God
and in which some claim
That Prophet Noah knew tha name
and that is how he was able to save himself and his family from the flood
just by saying the 100th miraculous name of God

Amin’s novel time set is in 17th century
Precisely in 1665
Where a lot of people believed that in 1666
The year of the monster (666 the number of Satan in the bible)
is the year of the end of the world
(for us it was 2000, remember?)
And thus
All were looking for the 100th name of God
To save themselves!

I heard once a christian claim that
in Islam God has 99 names, non of them is The Lover
For some christians, God is Love, according to the verse in the bible
and reading the novel
I had to wonder
If there is really a lost name of God
Which is Love?

Love can make miracles
don’t you think so?
I do
Is there a chance any of the above has some truth in it?


  1. i remember balthazar of charmed the demon there 😛 as for the names of god, there is “al-wadud” which is the all loving so yeah that name is already there.for the names of god … according to islam (well mostly shi’a) lore god has another 73 names, or actually they are one letter names but each one of those bestows you with a makromeh(amazing power), and atleast in the quran there are mentions of humans who posses such powers (haven’t cross referenced them with the other two) in kaballah there are also 72 names (letter) in the Tetragrammaton and Shemhamphorash with similar effects. so u have between 171-172 names to go for 😛 more than a 100. so i guess there is an origin for the story …


  2. i’ve always found it odd that a christian criticism of Islam has always been “your God doesn’t love”. like no_angel pointed out there is al-wadud, the all-loving, from the quran:“And He alone is truly forgiving, all-embracing in his love.”Al-Buruj 85:14secondly, it is generally agreed that no one knows the 100th name. i’ve never heard of that prophet nuh (pbuh) story, but logically, if it were to be anyone who knew the 100th name it would most likely be muhammad (pbuh) with issa (pbuh) coming in second.


  3. Nas in actuality according to islam it was neither and not even a prophet it was a servant of solomon that new some of the names … like i said its not a 100th … they are a bit more 😀


  4. Nas in actuality according to islam it was neither and not even a prophet it was a servant of solomon that knew some of the names … like i said its not a 100th … they are a bit more 😀


  5. bambam, that is interesting! Another 172?! :). Do you hav any idea where can we look for the 100th? 😛As for Al Wadud, I don’t think that it is close to Al Mo7eb. I am not sure, but wadud is the person who is nice and likeable, while Al mo7eb is the one who is full of love. Am I wrong?Nas, I guess that the attribute of love is just not emphasized on enough in Islam. On what base do you rank the likeliness of prophets to know the 100th name of God??!


  6. bambam: for clarifications’ sake, when you say “according to islam” do you mean the quran and/or the sunnah? because shia’a interpretations are like you said, based mostly on lore and based purely on the ranking of their importance in Islam.


  7. <>observer<> if i knew how to obtain one i would get a super power … so nope al wud means ma7aba < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<><>nas<> its in the quran, surat 2il namel the ranking is according to what was said bil 2isra2 wal mi3raj as far as i know … about where the prophets are in heaven and on which heaven


  8. well, I have heard that the current 99 names we have for God in Islam are not the true ones. I mean, Yes the prophet did say we have 99 names for God but He never actually said the names..Religions are just very confusing, you just don’t know who to believe anymore.I mean how would God be named El Dar?


  9. Nas, and as you assumed, higher ranked gets higher benefits? bambam, I guess you are right :P. I just had another perception of the word Al wud, but it doesn’t help much when it is in the middle of so many other words, does it? Is there any preference of those names in terms of their numbering, like for instance the first name is the most important for instance? or they are all equal?DM, imagine that?! lolKal, and even these may not be the true ones?! OMG! 😛


  10. Observer,How you doing friend?I just read this and found it to be rather interesting- i’m not muslim and didn’t know that the 99 names actually exists but i would like to put my two cents comment in. I think that in any religion, the one thing that is most common is that God is love and He encourages us to love. I think if The Lover is not his 100th name, we should kindly request he add it to His list of names 🙂Lots of loveYajna


  11. From my studies in length which include many travels to the east while in college. I discovered that the book Noah possessed was given to a man by the name of Wallace D. Fard. In which is has taken actual facts about the earth,lessons,rules,math problems,and instructions and given them to followers. After researching WD Fard I learned about the Nation of Islam. The book that the “believers” are given is guarded only to members of there nation, it is available online to anyone but I would be weary of altercations. I have not studied pass the point of Fard because I graduated and didn’t really care about the subject anymore and I’m not a Muslim but I would advise someone pick up after me if interested. Here are a few of my study points.Study points Zafar Ishaq Ansari


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