The reality of my observations

That is what I call myself
or at least, that is what I think of myself
believing that I ‘observe’ well
depending on my input devices
Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste
and my processor (brain)
and operating system (DNA? anyone)
and data resided in my memory

But then my data is mostly based on others output
Millions of other machines
Some still alive, and others passed away
Machines that are just as robust as mine
and with a good chance of a certain defect in their own systems
that would generate some inaccurate data
which end up as food to my own system

With time, and with more and more data getting into my processor
along with different algorithms added
One would expect a clearer view of life
In reality, what happens is that:
The more data I get, things become more vague

I discovered a huge bug in my classification algorithm of
trusted vs mistrusted data
and as a result
my sealed box of trusted data
that was built in my childhood
Got raped
and I found out
that a lot of my trusted data turned out to be fake

as a result,
I tried over and over again to enhance my classification algorithm
I replaced religion’s parameters with scientific ones
And moved my trust from the words of holy books
to the word of scientists
and their more advanced input/processing/operating/output system

but then again, what if my current alogrithm still buggy?
and my trust is built all over again on a shaky ground
What if the earth turns out to be flat again?
and the vastness of the universe turns out to be mis-interpreted data?
What if man walking on the moon turned out to be a big lie?
*We are known of being liar creatures after all, aren’t we?*
and it is 7 blue skies with an old man sitting over there

What if it is an old woman? or a young girl?
Surrounding our earth and giving fake data for our scientists’ amuse?

What if it is all an illusion, and my words to you are just
a lame game
where you are not for real
and the reactions I get
are only closely studied data to form my delusional world?

Do I observe? Do I know anything?
Sounds not to me
or am I going insane?


  1. I guess I have discussed this topic extensively on my blog, and the result although might seem unconventional, is the one that makes most sense (to me to say the least)!!Beliefs and reality are two separate things. While there might be a relation between reality and what we believe to be true, we cannot be sure to any degree of certainty how much do our beliefs about reality correspond to reality.The good news is, our beliefs are the important factor. What we believe to be true is much more valuable to us than what is truly real!! If we follow the ideology of Hedonism and believe that being happy is the only important thing, then we realize that reality does not make us happy. Its our beliefs that make us happy!! If you believe that you are writing on a blog, and you enjoy that… This is sufficient! Whether blogging is an illusion or not is not an important issue. Same thing goes for everything else we believe.


  2. I think it all starts and ends in our heads! What we think of as true is the only truth out there , at least for us …Science can answer every thing , of this I am sure, but what can be proved to be true by fact can be rejected easily with other facts! Science might give meaning to everything around us and inside us but not to our souls or feelings! Beliefs on the other hand can explain them more easily to us and here is where we get lost! We want to believe certain things to be true yet we need a scientific law to state that for us! Your observations are “real” If you believe they are real …We might be scared of reality sometimes and this is when we try to tell ourselves it is only an illusion! ” No nightmare matches the horror of reality “And the 7 skies with the old dude up there is not such a bad explanation if u askem me 😛 Keep observing 😉


  3. DM, well said, I remember those discussions at your blog. You put it in a better analytical and scientific way, while I tried to show it in a more personal matter that would be easier to be absorbed by the audiance.Hedonism sounds a good ideology to me. I believe that happiness is the only important thing, and I believe that I am happy, which is what matters. I just wish to spread this happiness believe to others. lost within, yes, it starts and ends in our heads, but I m not sure about ‘No nightmare matches the horror of reality’, because while reality can be really harsh sometimes, it is the fear in our minds that is usually worse. and you know what? I ll keep observing :), and write to you here my own reality 🙂


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