1. If u are guys serious about it I can see how I can contact amnesty international and we can start a petition !!! May God help them and be with them 🙂


  2. i am not sure if the word i like is appropriate in this context but i do like this cartoon.As for the how we can help i hope someone will come out with some bright ideas cause I don’t have any. they are not even letting UN aid pass through to them, so anything short of a berlin style aid drop wouldn’t work, and what are the chances of that materializing ?


  3. Psg, Amen..Adoosh, I believe that our voices can push authritive people to take some actions. Voices of citizens are important in our world at this frame of time. I guess that we are already heard and actions have been taken.Losy within, that is a good idea, go ahead and do it please.No angel, things changed now, they are allowing electricity fuel to pass and they opened Rafah’s gate. Hope this whole issue would be behind us soon.


  4. sorry for being an ass, but I am when it comes down to illustrationslove the effort thoughI hope you forgive me for being an ass (again) lol


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