The best love is the one…

The best love is the one you find while searching for something else
Absurd, isn’t it?
That is what I used to think
until it happened to me
and which was accopmanied with my sigh lying on
Ahalam Mustaghanmi novel
Fawda Al Hawas (Chaos Senses)
Where she wrote a whole novel around this line
and her love for a fictional man
whom she found while searching for another one

but isn’t that what always happens?
Ok, don’t shoot me, most of the time (so not to generalize)
where people build all of those expectations
for a fictional lover
certain hight, body type, eyes color, skin color, characteristics, financial assets, age,..
and spend their whole life searching
searching and searching
when suddenly
and out of no where
another person comes into their lives

Someone that you didn’t draw in your imagination
and haven’t colored his/her details
Someone whom you would ignore
because he/she doesnt match what you have in mind

but this someone
shakes your entire reality (imagination)
and wake you up on a new ground

this someone refuses to accept the drawing in your mind
and takes a pencil of his/her own to draw a new reality
a reality where happiness is manifested in a new shape
and where a wake up of a dream
brings you to a better one
a reality
where NO body shape, eyes color, or any other line
can explain the attraction hit you on your face
and the love that swept you off your feet
while you were looking to the other direction

and suddenly you realize
that Ahlam Mustaghanmi was 100% right
and that the best love
is the one you find
while looking for another thing

Another kind of reality that life teaches us
One that I have gladly learnt

Love you…


  1. I agree with the thought … and that will make me read this … i love Ahlam but i’ve been off Arabic books for sometimes now …


  2. very well said indeed… but I will have to wait ’till it happens to me to see if it is really true!! 😉 great post and great blog as well 🙂 Have a nice day … w


  3. Isam, maybe you would experience it one day. Check out the book, it is good.Lost within, thanks :), you are welcome here. Hope you will experience it one day as well.


  4. The best love is the one you see in the eyes of two grown-ass men the second before they start french kissing. Tongue and everything.


  5. The best love is the one that is kept a secret, because most people are not interested in knowing which man gets to play the man and which man gets to play the woman.


  6. Fadi, the book is very nice, I read it 10 years ago and some sentences are still stuck in my mind, “أجمل حب هو الذي نعثر عليه أثناء بحثنا عن شيء آخر” sound even more beautiful in Arabic 🙂Most people find the love of their life when they least expect it ..I love the way she describes (criticizes) our culture, the war in Algeria and art ..


  7. Natasha, I m still at the beginning of the book. It is nice. But this line really quote my attention, and it is very true, but no one put it like this except Ahlam 🙂Nasser, thank man, I am glad you liked the post 🙂


  8. Fadi..That is my one of my favorite Quotes from Ahlam’s Books… And I’ve always believed in it…I had a love story around this one quote… it was a beautiful yet short one! That I still smile for the thought of it… I have always felt some private connection to those books, maybe what makes it stronger is that the girls name in it is (Hayat) which completely took me when I first read it! 🙂You wrote those lines with such passion that I can feel it in my heart!That’s the difference between those who write with passion and those who don’t!P.SI suggest you delete this (Freaking crazy sick Anonymous comments)! Your words are too nice to be corrupted by his sick words!


  9. Life, thanks dear, I m glad you liked the post. Inshallah you’ll experience another long term love story.Don’t worry about the anonymous, just ignore him. I ll go check the tag now. Thanks for answering it 🙂


  10. very true!!! My hubby keeps telling me that I am nothing like he had on mind, though this is why it’s different and deeper than anything he’d ever imagined..


  11. Imagine while searching you found what you thought is love and dismissed the original search only to find that it’s not what you’re looking for either.. and you loose on all fronts..Ask me about it, it’s disaster in bold letter 😦 but am still searching..


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