The secret in motion and my own requests

A friend/co-worker of mine won the GMC 4-wheel car – Cozmo’s big prize for the holiday season. When I went to her office to congratulate her, she said “Have you read the Secret?” I nodded my head “Yes, ofcouse. I even believe in it somehow” (Don’t ask me how). So she proceeded saying that since she read it, her life changed!

On the day she filled up the coupons for winning the car, she went outside Cozmo, right next to the GMC and stood for a moment imagining herself driving it. A few days later, when they called her to tell her that she won, she wasn’t surprised. She believed and knew that she is going to get it, and thus she faked her excitement (as of being surprised) for their sake.

“Bravo” I told her. That this is the right attitude. I have been trying to master my own secret for months now. I managed to win twice already, once 100 JD, and once 150 JD. That is a major change of luck for someone who always believed that he had a bad luck and as a result never won even another can of cola!

So now I am going to say it out loud, so that the universe listens to me. THIS year I want:
1. Win 150000 JD. The biggest monthly prize of Al Eskan bank
2. My grandma to be spared of her pain of struggling with cancer
3. Licky Licious to be a big success
4. Have time to write my first novel – a long arabic version of Social Pressure
5. Get a Nintendo wii

So, hey universe, I am not asking too much. I put it clearly and precisely of what I want so that not to confuse you.

and will be waiting for you to listen 🙂

Thank you in advance..


  1. hey Fadi.. Its been sometime now 🙂 BUT I am back now.. and I am catching up with your as good as always Posts..I watched the secret and I do belive in it..And YES..Positivity do attract positive things .. Happy new year.. and I hope this year brings all yours wishes true!Life


  2. Eh, my limited brain can not believe in anything beyond measurable, and the supernatural power of the secret just bring confusion to me. Plus its just too much to believe that she wasn’t even surprised! I mean I’m almost sure even if the author of the secret won the car, he will be surprised, anyway mabrook for her, she got the car and I’m just talking, did I won anything? Nope, so what I have is better than the secret? Nope! Anyhow I do believe that thinking positively about something makes you care about it more thus excel in it, excel means you put a thousand coupon to increase your chance of winning the car, this is measurable. Anyway good luck for your next year’s list, Just be careful of the competition as I will also be using “the secret” method to win the 150000 JD of Eskan Bank 😉


  3. Life, welcome back. Happy new year for you as well. When are you planning to answer my middle class tag? 🙂Thanks for your sweet words, I miss them 😛Husam, I don’t know how delusional we can be, but sometimes our brains do connect signs to draw a certain conclusion. Whether it is just an illusion or not, i dont know, but if those illusions help us carry a better life, then why not? Let’s see whose secret powers is more effective, I am challenging you 😉


  4. Observer, I am my working on the middle Class tag, too. Mentally. 🙂AND the thankful heart one. Your tags just require a lot of thought and meditation, good ones.I will definitely pray about your grandmom and will buy ice cream to help Licky Licious. and the rest, if it’s God’s will…I’ll pray He gives it to you in such a way that you know it could only be Him.My life has been full of “Secrets Stuff”, but i know it’s Him behind it. 🙂


  5. I think that the secret is a good book, but knowing that she will win the prize is something that is out of scope, I am sure that if she doesnt win it, then life would go on the same way it did before, assuming that there is another thing to win, people sometimes credit things for things that either irrelvant or unrelated. It is just like who argues about destiny saying that, dont you believe in it, its in the bible and quaran, ok people, but what do you mean by destiny, if you cant see it or affect it then it doesnt exist for me, what am i talking about, let me just go back to work 🙂


  6. Kinzi, you took a lot of time too :), I am waiting for you to answer those tags :).THANK YOU for your prayers, I know that he listens to you :). and thank you too for willing to help licky licious. Him, her, universe, it is all one and one all, isnt it? 🙂Bashar, but it is part of having faith of what you are asking for. It is a necessary as a step for the secret to work. She did it right, and won. Bravo 🙂 I am all with the destiny thing regardless of the bible and the quran. I have to write about it one more time to discuss it better i guess.


  7. I hope licky licious is a success, I will probably be one of your biggest customers. What kind of ice cream will it make? We need something authentic please and not something really heavy and artificial, have you ever been to an famous ice cream shop in Paris called Berthillon ?


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