Turning the other cheek!

When someone slaps me on my left cheek
I turn the other one!
It isn’t that I am a masochist
But it is because
Jesus would do that!

Ok, I admit, I am lying!
I wouldn’t turn the other cheek
I slap back! Slap slap slap

I don’t do that either!
In reality,
When I am slapped
Which never happened before in the literal way of what the word means
I stand silent
in shock
trying to figure out why did the other person attack me like this

To sum it all,
what I really do
is taking preventive measures for not letting it to happen again

I have been trying to teach myself to react when someone offends me for ages,
but what happened yesterday really stunt me
and made me realize that I am a hopeless case

After several months of struggling with the municipality for the vocational license for licky licious (my and my friend’s ice cream shop)
and after having to deal with the shitty attitude of the person at the head of the vocational department in their zahran office
Doing his best to bring up every possible way to torture me
and throwing me from an office to another
and asking me to go home and come back another day over and over again for no reason aside of his laziness

When I finally got the license,
and to my SURPRISE
How the hell I let those words leave my mouth!
I realized it right away, along with the shock/angry look on my friend’s face!
Why do you thank him?!
For the torture he gave us for months?!
or for the job he had to do and made sure to raise our blood pressure in each step?!

And then again, when we left
and while cursing him over and over again
I wished that ONE day
Need would drive him to my door
begging me for help
Where I would torture him back
and make him drink from his own medicine
“And I know that you definatly would help him” my friend said
and sadly, I think that he is right
I don’t slap back
Because fucking Jesus Christ would just do the same
(this line is taken from Grey’s anatomy)
Actually I guess that it is just my nature,
to let it go

But a friend of mine wouldn’t do that
The other day,
She sent a text message to her former boss
whom she hates
Congratulating her for her husband’s loss in the parliament elections!
She wrote “Congratulations for your LOSS. You deserve it!”
What goes around comes around, right?
Simple Karma..
Did that make my friend happy?
I guess it did
But it wouldn’t make me happy if I ever to act this way.

Speaking of karma,
On new year’s eve
I bought a lottery ticket with a friend of mine
Me and him were buying some pizza’s for the night
and the person at cash calculated the amount we have to pay wrongly
He missed one pizza
After paying, we realized his mistake, and pointed it out to him
so that to give him the amount he missed

I looked at my friend and said:
You know what? I feel good about this
because we did the right thing, we are going to win the lottery
He laughed and said:
Are you talking about the karma thing
I nodded and smiled

After 2 days
We won 150 JDs 🙂
Not bad for a new year’s start

Don’t under estimate the power of karma 🙂
Do good and you’ll get good


  1. Fadi, u should for sure slap back!if it wasnt for his stupidity and ignorance, we wouldt have waited for 1:30 hours, just to find out the paper needed is already there!And i dont think u can forget how he kept on searching through the papers, even to the last minute, to find a missing paper and not get things done! i feel angry now remembering everything! 🙂its funny how, they have the King’s letter encouraging investments right above their desks, and they are donig the exact opposite! and have u seen the ISO certificate? i wonder how on earth they deserved it! 😛if i were u, i would love for that moment when he needs my help, i swear i would torture him just like the way he did, and maybe more 😛 and even though i maybe wouldnt do what ur friend did with her ex-boss, but im sure it felt great! 😉Anyway, bottom line u now have the lisence, and congrats! 🙂


  2. hey congrats on the license and be happy that we are forgetful beings, so even if it happens that he might cross your path in need at some point in the future you will be unlikely to remember all of this since at this point all that matters is that its over and you managed to finally get it. hehe so i guess u didn’t hit the jackpot on the lottery, but a 150 is still sweet ! ENJOY!~


  3. I on the other hand believe that no good deed will go unpunished. It’s a universal constant.As for the dude who made your life hell, do what I did, protest, raise your voice and demand to speak to a higher authority. I did against military intelligence at the airport and I won! That stupid abusive little officer didn’t see it coming when I went all the way to the “Basha” and was ready to go even higher. At the end, he gave me what I want!You thank because it’s your nature. Not because you acknowledge your gratitude. Because you are BETTER than him. That’s why you thanked him.Now good luck licky-liciousing 🙂 which sounds like a butt-shining service … but you know how I have a dirty mind 🙂


  4. Haitham, you got me angry too remembering those details 🙂I know for sure that you wouldnt torture him back if you have the chance as well 😉No_angel, thanks man. Yes, what matters is that it is over! FINALLY!Adoosh, 🙂Qwaider, actually we have always went to his superior, but he managed to turn things to his benefit always as for saying that he cant do anything because it is a law requirement. But you are right, we should challenge such people and fight back. It is ice cream, nothing else you dirty old man 🙂 heeheh


  5. Ya Observer, good on you! I will offer the other cheek as well, but may step back so the slapper can see how ridiculous his response is. 🙂Hey, could you do something about that Grey’s Anatomy quote? It just hurts my spirit to see those two words together in the same sentence.Been thinking about you. Hope alls well. 🙂


  6. OH I would do the same the thank you would just slip out i cant blame u lol ure lucky that u dont hold a grudge means ure left with a clear cosience not feeling that bitter towards ppl 🙂 congrats for the license … now we will be on our way working on the licky – licky-liciousing dance theme all the best dolphine 🙂


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