Choose you focal point

There are some tools in Adobe Photoshop that Graphic designers are versed in, and in which they can open any image they want, and tint it with the color they have in mind. As a result they would have the same image, with all the details, but with a dominant color.

In real life, most people do the same. We tend to pick up (usually inherit) a certain color and tint with it anything that reaches our perception. It is like our play room. We fix everything were we think it belongs to, and when new things arrive, we do our best to tune it down to fit with what we already have in mind. We have an identity, a certain color, an inner peace that we have managed to build over the years and that we are ready to fight anything that would shake it.

It may be hard to reject new guests, especially when they refuse to leave. But it isn’t that hard to tint it. Just colorify it. There is always a weak point that we can sneak from to nutralize our guests and enslave them with the same code we have at house.

The color tinting in the previous analogy comes out usually from a certain focal point. Our instinct is efficient enough to realize that existance of the focal point without being consciouslt aware of it. Whenever we meet a new person, we bring up our guards till we figure out their focal point, and then we decide whether to proceed going closer or not.

Subconsciously, we are aware the effect of our focal point on our lives, and we reflect it on others. We know that for some it is their religion that is their focal point, others their race, some their skin color. It differs from a person to person and can be tricky to detect, but once you figure it out, you can conclude a lot. Just be careful not to stereotype others based on your own tint.

Maybe sometimes it is wise to re-asses one’s focal point. If it is causing you a lot of headache, then why not move to a different one? This can add a lot of exciting experiences to your life and would give you more freedom to jump from one focal point to another. The more you discover, the more freedom you achieve. It can be a good practice to converse with other people and copy their focal points as some other options for you.


  1. well, dropping one’s “focal point” ain’t that easy, specially when we’re talking about the beliefs or religions that construct people’s “focal point”. and we can’t just change our beliefs every time we meet a new person or every time we face a new challenge or wall that contradicts with our beliefs. maybe finding a way to cope with the changes is better.. and people who are self-confident won’t find a problem with that.


  2. psg, ofcourse it is not easy. There is a difference between absorbing others believes and changing yours. Changing your focal point does help open up your mind and does add to your self confidence. It would only help highlighting the shortages in some aspect of the way you see things from your focal point and at other times strengthen of your intake on other aspects.


  3. well the idea that someone can drop their “focal point” is similar to denying to your past. no matter how you disagree with it, it is still a major part of where you are now. tthrough time and being exposed to contradictory ideals you have managed to lift those barriers that hinder you faculties. that drove you to attempt reassess your anchor eventually freeing you from that focal point to be able to encompass the beginning it might be just copying another for as simple a reason as “i like it” but then if you remain at that level then you have done little to progress your thought. the act of personalizing it and making it your own based on where you came from is what makes it unique your own, and until you do that you will never really achieve the elusive freedom that you seek.but thats my 0.02 p


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