Would Annapolis raise up Al Quds back?

This morning, and while the city of Annapolis hosts the Arabic leaders along with The Israeli Prime Minister and the US President in a summit to bring back the life to the Arab-Israeli peace process. I sit down, infront of my computer screen, with a slight hope of a better future while my real player plays Firuz song ‘Zahrat al Mada’en’ (The flower of all cities).

When the city of Quds fall… love moved back… and the war became a resident in the hearts of the world… the baby in the cave…and his mother Mary… two crying faces.

For an entire decade, it wasn’t just the baby Jesus and his mother Mary who have been crying for the blood shed taking place in this holy land, but also thousands of copies of a manifested Christ and Mary in the image of every baby and mother had to go through the ugliness of this war.

On the other hand, Satan had his best joy in this game. Playing on the land, race, religion and cultural cards of the poor people who have been struggling to keep some hope in the mercifulness of heavens.

When those leaders meet, I can’t help but wonder how much can they really do? The question that keeps on hitting my head without a real answer is: Is it really a matter of a leader decision to achieve peace or not? and if it is, and everyone is talking about it, then what is holding them?

Away from political and power plays, those leaders carry a burden of long history of cultural, religious and race conflict, while at the sametime, carry a burden of a long future that would define the lives of two races who even if they achived peace on papers, their history wouldn’t let them to keep it at their hearts for a long time to come.

We have been there, done that, and while I would like to think that this summit can be different. With a clearer messages from all parties that they are more willing than ever to achieve peace, I can give myself the luxury of raising my hopes and pray for Al Quds to raise up again and kick off war from the hearts of this world.


  1. “Is it really a matter of a leader decision to achieve peace or not? and if it is, and everyone is talking about it, then what is holding them”? Great question. Honestly something bothers me deeply when i think about this question. I pray when they think of peace that the word the meaning of this word is swimming around in their hearts and not just on their tongues. I pray also Peace and lovemarie


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