Haya’s first crush

I can’t remember exactly my first crush
Unlike the calm teen years for The Observer, mine were *very* wild
More like a roller-coaster
lots of guys
lots of emotions
lots of dates, and fun, and tears
I have to admit, my hormones were at rage!
Thank God Mom kept me in check
I hate it back then,
but now I realize that she most probably saved me

What would you expect?
I reached puberty at the age of 10
Becoming suddendly the tallest person at class
among girls and boys
With a beautiful sexy figure
and excellent size well rounded boobs
which added to my self confidence
at an immature age where looks is everything

Unfortunatly, a full body figure at such age is not really a bless
Men are predators!
The time a girl reach puberty
They don’t leave her in peace
Whether they are little macho men trying to immitate their seniors
or old DIRTY men
They know how to make you feel *uncomfortable*

And while those who you don’t know personally harass you shamelessly
Those who approach you in a respectable way usually turn to be after
SEX (as well)
But for the latter, you feel like a princess enjoying the attention they give you
and you get to decide how much to give them

Anyway, back to my crush
I have seen him while going with my mother to visit grandma
I was 13, and he was 22!
But that didn’t prevent him along with his friends standing on the street to follow me with their eyes in a gesture of respect to my beauty
I didn’t know how old he was at first
He didnt know my age either
But, like a lot of other girls my age, I loved the attention of an older man
Those classmates of mine at school where just like babies for me

He winked
and I smiled
and then he dropped me his phone number
and I was bold enough to actually call him

Our relationship was merely a phone one
I fell in love with him in no time
Feeling myself much older than my age
and enjoying the attention this man gives me
I don’t know what would have happened if mother didn’t interfere
I keep this affair as a secret
only telling my close friends
and I came up with various lies in order to be able to go out and meet him in public place.
I only managed to do that once with a cousin of mine.
But who knows what would have happened if I didn’t get that phone call

It was another woman on the other line
Angry one shouting and threatening me
She claimed to be his fiance
and threatened to tell my parents if I didn’t cut my relationship with him

I felt so SAD and BETRAYED
I was hurt like never before
and lost all my respect and trust in men
He denied knowing this woman, but I didn’t believe him
and cut that relationship instantly

A few years later
I discovered that it was all a play from my mother
and that one of my friends betrayed my trust
and warned my mother
Whom didn’t know how to handle this
except with a master plan of taking my trust in him
and breaking my heart in the process

But at the time I knew about her scheme
I was mature enough to realize
how bad it could have been
and how, without her interferance
I would have lost a lot

9 years older than me at that age?!!
What was I thinking?!!
You parents MUST be careful
and keep an eye on your teenage children
because there are many predators out there
who may very easily
strip them out of their innocence


  1. Haya, Great! This is true parents must pay attention to their teenagers, I thank my mother so much for now even though i thought she was the SHE devil when it came to my first boyfriend who was 5yrs older than me. LOL! smiling with some shame! Parents must be careful.


  2. whoaa, that’s quite a story there!Yeah, parents need to have as much supervision as they give their kids freedom, especially in these times.But you know, your story got me thinking about strange sexuality is; sometimes it can be seen as beautiful and natural and other times as animalistic and dirty.


  3. Marie, Haya, :), please give your mom my regards. Teenagers can really be very immature. Parents should work hard to keep them save.Frank, Haya:you are right, it is strange how sexuality can be breautiful and ugly in different situations.Psg, Haya: lol, making my own blog would abuse the Observer’s resources even more! He would have to come up with ideas for both blogs then!


  4. Haya, don’t you think she could’ve protected you in a better way,without breaking your heart?How long did it take you to be able to trust a man again ?I think games and lies are the worst tool for parenting! maybe the easiest, but the worst!


  5. Natasha, Haya, I don’t think that she really had other options. Teenage is really a risky age, girls are stubborn and would only listen to the man they love. It did hurt me for somewhile but I am now thankful for what she did. Maybe if she handled it in another way, things would have gone worse. A-mok, Haya, thanks 🙂


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