You are beautiful

Sometimes, at a very rare sweet moments, I feel that weird feeling of a great love of humanity and people around me. There is a sense of bond, a familiarity, and a belonging that give a feeling of safety that diminishes any lonliness thoughts.

At moments of sanity and calmness I feel a great desire to become a healer. The divine love, and in contradiction with my faithless nature, manifests itself in my soul. I personify Jesus Christ. I personify his nature and his love to humanity. Whether it is a higher state of serneity or a divine impulses it doesn’t matter.

It just opens my eyes, and my lips – as well -, in a beautiful painting that reflects what human faces meant to embrace. It makes me want to reach out. To touch others souls and bodies. To ease their pain and struggle with passion and love.

Somtimes I wish that I have a magic wand. One that I can use to free struggling souls. One that can remove the madness and restore joy and happiness.

Humans are beautiful. Whether it is their eyes, forehead, hair and cheeks, whether it is their movements, face expressions, and temper. Or maybe you can add their reasoning and competitveness nature.

It is all cute… to an observer… who sits in silence and enjoy the beauty of you


  1. Observer, me too!! Sometimes I just cry over the beauty God created in humanity, then over what humanity has done to destroy.I see Christ in you today. 🙂


  2. ….when you kiss me, heaven sighs! and though i close my eyes, i see la vie en rose…life can be really beautiful, sometimes!


  3. yup but beauty can only be appreciated among the roughness of this world 🙂 as for as far as kroosh go i think that i might venture a guess and hope that there are some that would answer yes to that otherwise i might be out of luck 😛and you are so much more of a peacemaker, healer than an observer … ps. mock is kinda bad choice of word maybe embody the message or inspired by will be more suitable since mock is based on scorn


  4. Kinzi, :), we share a lot.Hareega, it is kind-of cute! lolLife, and I bet yours can see it 🙂kal, it depend on how we look at it. If you learn how, you can see it really beautiful more often.Hamza, read this post 10 times, and you’ll be the peacemaker! lolbambam, yeah, I was wondering if I chose the right word. Tab, do can you give me another word that summarize what I wanted to say? 🙂Kj, maybe you can start by loving the smog!


  5. personify, manifest come to mind other than the couple mentioned earlier but i think you are a creative enough writer to come up with a nicer allegory for what you want to say 🙂 hope it helps


  6. i think you’re right. we live in a world of dichotomies. one time we are happy and thankful for all of God’s creations. then the next time we become so harsh in blaming God for putting us in unchangeable circumstances that our hate eat all that is good within us. but hey, we can never go far in our journey without thinking, “God!” oh, well, there are still a lot of questions i have in mind which i usually resolve by reading and blogging and reading, whichever is more comforting at the moment.


  7. Observer,As always, beautifully written 🙂I know exactly how u feel. Sometimes i myself feel so powerful and strangely i also have associated the power with Jesus. He was amazing though, he used loves energy and channeled it to heal people. I went to this particular church from time to time, because there was this priest who’s surmons i just loved. He spoke only of love we talk about and he was not indoctrinating like the other priest. He made it seem like we all have the free of choice, yet love would be our best choice. His words only speak of the highest love. I would just smile, thinking of how right he was, love is the answer, over and over again to every question. I’m not christian, like u, but do love the way that Jesus manifested his love. Its good to know someone else thinks like that, or has felt that way from time to time.Lots of loveYajna


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